What is Noun of Advice: Check Meaning, Synonyms & Examples

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Noun of Advice: You must need some clarification on ‘Advice’ and ‘Advise’ as there is some difference between them. Advice is a noun that refers to information or opinion that is received or given while Advise is a verb that is used to give information, opinion, or recommendation.

The word Advice was first used in the 14th century and taken from Middle English words such as avis, advis, avise, advise having meanings such as judgment, thought, and opinion. They are also taken from Anglo-French words such as advis, avise, and avis. The word “advise” has a connection to the concept of the formation of judgment or opinion.

Which Type of Noun Advice is?

Advice is a kind of Uncountable(or Mass) noun as it is something that cannot be counted. The meaning of advice is to give suggestions or advice about what a person should do in a given situation. However, advise is a type of verb that is attributed to give a suggestion or an opinion.

For Example: 

  • He followed the advice of the teacher and did his homework this time.
  • My advice is to sell the old laptop and buy a new one.

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9+ Synonyms of Advice

Knowing about similar words related to Advice helps in understanding the meaning of the word in a better way. Here, we have provided a list of synonyms of Advice that will help you to enhance your vocabulary in English.

  • Consultation
  • Aid
  • Encouragement
  • Guidance
  • Instruction 
  • Help
  • Information
  • Judgment
  • Lesson
  • opinion 
  • Suggestion
  • Recommendation
  • Tip
  • Proposal
  • View

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Picture For Noun Of Advice

Let’s understand the Noun of Advice given in the picture below. It will help you to learn new words that can be used in place of the word advice.

Examples of Noun of Advice

Now we have understood the usage of the Noun of Advice and its synonyms. We will discuss some of the examples of the Noun of Advice.

  • All the valuable advice he has received from his father is still useful.
  • He needs advice from the doctor.
  • What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?
  • He’s not sure how to proceed further. Can you give him some advice?
  • After following the advice of the coach the number 11 scored three goals.

Noun Quiz of Advice

After understanding the noun of Advice, it’s time we test yourself. To which, we have prepared a small quiz for you which will help you to test your knowledge.

  1. I appreciate the____ given by you.

      A). advised

      B). advice

      C). advise

      D). adviser

  1. Her bad____cost him a game.

     A).  advised

     B). adviser

     C). advice 

     D). advise

Check your Answers below!

  1. B). advice
  2. C). advice 
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