What is the Noun of Rely: Check the Meaning, Synonyms & Examples

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Noun of Rely

The noun of ‘rely’ is ‘reliance’ which means to depend on something. There is a certain reliance that people have on others which is created by trusting them. Most people rely on the things they know well or they are dependent on. Speaking of which, the synonyms for ‘reliance’ would depend, trust, commit, etc. which also explains the meaning of this word. In this blog, we will discuss all about the noun of ‘rely’ along with its meanings, synonyms and examples that will help you understand it better.

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What is the Abstract Noun of Rely? – Meaning & Origin

As we know the abstract noun of ‘rely’ is ‘reliance’ which implies showing belief in someone regarding any kind of work. Reliance, which is an abstract noun denotes the quality rather than an object. To put it in words, there are things in life that people have reliance on which they never doubt. 

This word has originated from the Latin religare where re(means to show intensive force) and ligare(bind). Additionally, ‘rely’ finds its origin in the Old French relier which means bind together.

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9+ Synonyms of Abstract Noun of Rely

Understanding the synonyms for the noun of ‘reply’ is important as it allows you to not use the same word repeatedly in sentences. Therefore, let’s discuss some of the synonyms of reliance to get more clarity in the sentences. 

  • Depend
  • Count
  • Await
  • Build
  • Commit
  • Confide
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Picture of Noun of Rely

To understand the synonym of rely better let’s take a look at their picture which you can download and take help from.

Noun of rely

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Examples of Noun of Rely

The noun of rely can be better understood through these sentences, check out some of them mentioned below to get a better understanding of the same.

  • They can always rely upon him for help.
  • The people of the village no longer solely rely on traditional techniques.
  • Drake solely relies on Tim for learning swimming.
  • Excessive reliance on fast food can lead to health damage.
  • There is a growing reliance on renewable sources to tackle Global Warming.

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Quiz For Noun of Rely

Now, that you have clearly understood the noun of rely. Let’s check your understanding through this simple exercise.

  1. Why do you____so much on that guy?
  1.  Relying 
  2.  Rely 
  3.  Reliance 

      2)  The country is increasing its____on EV companies.

  1. Reliance 
  2. Rely 
  3. Reliable

      3). The news came from a_____source so there are higher chances that it will be true.

  1. Reliable
  2. Rely
  3. Reliance

Check your Answers below!

1). B) Rely

2). A) Reliance

3). A.) Reliable

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