What is the Abstract Noun of Fly? Check Meaning & Examples

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The abstract noun of ‘fly’ is ‘flight’ which refers to the suitability for flying. Several other words which can be used in place of ‘flight’ within a sentence are flying, soaring, arrival, transport, and trip among others. Continue reading this blog to find out all the information about the noun ‘fly’, its meaning, synonyms and others. 

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What is the Abstract Noun of Fly? – Meaning

Now, you know that the abstract noun of the word ‘fly’ is ‘flight.’ This word is commonly used in aircraft. For example, an aircraft is considered flyable if it is in good condition and safe to operate. Another meaning for this word is for the weather conditions, air traffic, or other factors that might affect the ease or safety of flying. 

The word comes from Old English “flyht,” which meant “a flying, act or power of flying.”This traces back to Proto-Germanic “*flukhtiz,” which is related to words in other Germanic languages like Dutch “vlucht” and German “Flug,” all meaning “flight.”

Synonyms of Fly

Upon understanding all about the noun of ‘fly’ which is ‘flight’, one must also be aware of all the similar words that can be used in place of this word. With the help of these, you will be able to enhance your writing and communication skills. 

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Pictures of Abstract Noun of Fly

If you are looking for more synonyms for the noun for ‘fly’, then we have got you. We have prepared a list of several other common words that can be used when you are creating your sentences.nouns of fly

Examples of Fly as a Noun in Sentences

Once you have gone through all the synonyms of the noun ‘fly’ you must check out all the sentences that we have put together for you. After these, you will get an idea of creating your own. 

  • The butterfly took flight in a flurry of orange wings.
  • We boarded the flight, eager for our beach vacation.
  • The pilot announced a slight delay due to heavy air traffic.
  • The geese migrated south in a perfect V formation.
  • Her imagination took flight, creating a fantastical story

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Noun Quiz 

We have compiled a quiz on the noun of ‘fly’ which will be quite useful to check your understanding after going through the blog post. 

1. What is the most common meaning of ‘flight’?

2.  The word ‘flight’ originates from what Old English word?

3. Fill in the blank: A sudden burst of creative imagination is called a ‘flight of …’?

Check Your Answers

  1. A trip on an aeroplane
  2. Flyht
  3. Fancy
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This was all about the noun form fly and its meaning, synonyms and examples. Hopefully, you understand the concept and where it’s used. You can also follow Leverage Edu for more exciting and informative blogs.

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