What is the Noun of Happy? Check Meaning, Synonyms and Examples

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Noun of happy

The abstract noun of ‘happy’ is ‘happiness’ which refers to the state of feeling joy, contentment, or well-being. Common synonyms of this word would be: contentment, pleasure, cheerfulness, and cheeriness among others which we will discuss as we move ahead. To get more information about the noun ‘happiness’, continue reading this blog about its meaning, synonyms and finally a quiz to test yourself. 

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What is the Abstract Noun of Happy? – Meaning & Origin

As mentioned above, the abstract noun of ‘happy’ is ‘happiness’. The meaning behind this word is something that we all seek. It is a positive feeling that we all wish to experience. It also emphasises living a meaningful and purposeful life. One must also know that happiness isn’t a constant state of euphoria. It exists on a spectrum, with moments of intense joy balanced by periods of neutrality or even sadness sometimes. 

The word “happiness” has a relatively recent origin in English, emerging in the Middle English period (roughly 1150-1500). This word is derived from the adjective “happy” and the suffix “-ness.”

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Synonyms of Abstract Noun of Happy

Here is the list of synonyms of abstract nouns of happy, i.e. “happiness” in its noun form.

Synonyms of ExcellentSynonyms of Brave
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Picture of Abstract Noun of Happy

Check out some more synonyms of ‘happiness’ in the picture mentioned below. You can save and download this picture which will help you use them in sentences in the future and improve your English grammar at the same time. 

Noun of Happy

Examples of Happiness in Sentences

After understanding the noun of happy and what is its noun form, we have now put together sentences which will help you create more using this abstract noun or its synonyms. 

  1. Simple pleasures like a warm breeze and a good book sparked unexpected happiness.
  2. True happiness, she realised, came from strong connections and a sense of purpose.
  3. The pursuit of happiness, though challenging, was a worthy lifelong journey.
  4. Sharing laughter with loved ones brought bursts of pure happiness to their day.
  5. Despite setbacks, she focused on gratitude, knowing it was a key to happiness.

Noun Quiz

Here is a small quiz on the noun of ‘happy’, which is ‘happiness’. By attempting this quiz you will be able to test your knowledge and where you stand.

  1. What is the most common noun used to refer to the state of feeling happy?

a) Happyhood 

b) Happiness  

c) Joyfulness

  1. “Contentment” is a synonym for happiness. What noun is related to “content”?

a) Contention  

b) Contentment 

c) Happyland  

  1. The sentence “She found true fulfilment in helping others” could also be written as:

a) She found true happiness in helping others.  

b) She found true joy in helping others. 

c) Neither. (Both “happiness” and “joy” can work in this context)

Check Your Answers:

  1. Happiness
  2. Contentment
  3. She found true happiness in helping others.  
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This was all about the “noun of happy: meaning, synonyms and examples.” Hopefully, you understand the concept and where it’s used. You can also follow Leverage Edu for more exciting and informative blogs on Learn English.

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