15+ Synonyms of Increased, Meaning, Examples, Quizzes

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Some common antonyms of a etc. The other synonyms of ability, its meaning, antonyms of risen, grown, augmented, elevated, swelled, advanced, etc. The other synonyms of increased, its meaning, antonyms, and examples are given in the blog article. Let’s uncover!

Synonyms of Increased

Here is a list of synonyms for “increased”:

  1. Augmented
  2. Elevated
  3. Amplified
  4. Enhanced
  5. Expanded
  6. Heightened
  7. Boosted
  8. Intensified
  9. Risen
  10. Grown
  11. Upsurged
  12. Upgraded
  13. Swelled
  14. Advanced
  15. Enlarged
  16. Balloon
  17. Escalated
  18. Swell
  19. Multiplied
  20. Soared

Meaning of Increased

The term “quality” refers to the characteristics, attributes, or features of something that make it good, valuable, or desirable. It is a measure of excellence or the degree of excellence in a product, service, process, or any other aspect of life.

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Synonyms of Increased Usage With Examples

  • The company’s profits augmented significantly after the new product launch.
  • The elevated demand for the latest smartphone model led to record sales.
  • The speaker amplified her argument with compelling evidence.
  • The enhanced security measures improved the safety of the building.
  • The company expanded its operations into new international markets.
  • The heightened interest in the event resulted in a larger turnout.
  • The marketing campaign boosted sales by 30% in just one quarter.
  • The conflict intensified, leading to a prolonged negotiation process

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Antonyms and Opposite Words of Increased

Antonyms of “quality” include terms that describe a lack of excellence, value, or other desirable attributes. Here’s a list of antonyms for “quality”:

  1. Mediocrity
  2. Inferiority
  3. Substandard
  4. Poor quality
  5. Low quality
  6. Deficiency
  7. Fault
  8. Imprecision
  9. Incompetence
  10. Inferior craftsmanship
  11. Inadequacy
  12. Cheapness
  13. Unworthiness
  14. Faultiness
  15. Flawed
  16. Unreliability
  17. Sloppiness
  18. Inferior workmanship
  19. Unsatisfactory
  20. Unexceptional

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Synonyms of Increased Quiz

Pick the correct antonyms for increased from the options listed below:

  • Flat
  • Skilled
  • Augmented
  • Flawed

Answer: Augmented

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