What is Noun of Function? Check Meaning, Synonyms & Examples

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noun of function

The abstract noun of ‘function’ is ‘function’ which can be used as both a verb (to perform an action or serve a purpose) and a noun (the action or purpose itself). This word refers to the role or purpose of something, “function” is the most appropriate term. Some of the common synonyms of the word ‘word’ include purpose, task, use, role, justification and outcome among others. To find out more information about the noun of ‘function’ make sure you continue reading this blog post. 

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What is the Abstract Noun of Function? – Meaning and Origin

Now that we are clear about the abstract noun of ‘function’. It is time that we understand the meaning of this word in detail. It refers to an activity that is performed for a particular purpose. Another meaning of this word is a mathematical relationship between two or more variables.

The word “function” traces its roots back to Latin, entering English in the 16th century. It comes from the Latin noun “functio,” which means “performance,” “execution,” or “fulfilment of a duty.” The meaning of “function” broadened in English to encompass not just the act of performing something, but also the specific purpose or role something fulfils.

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Synonyms of Abstract Noun of Function

After understanding the meaning and origin of this word, it is essential that one knows the synonyms of this word which will help in writing creative sentences and at the same time improve your writing skills. Check out the list of synonyms of ‘function’ which you can use. 


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Pictures of Abstract Noun of Function

To find out more synonyms for the noun of ‘function’, here is a picture of the same which will help you with the same. You can save and download this picture and save it for the future. 

noun of function

Examples of Function as Noun in Sentences

Check out these 5 short sentences on the noun of ‘function’ which will help you further to create more such sentences. 

  • The doctor checked the patient’s vital signs to ensure all bodily functions were normal.
  • The smartphone’s camera function allows for capturing high-quality photos.
  • The school assembly served the function of welcoming new students.
  • Understanding the function of each key on the keyboard is crucial for efficient typing.
  • The sine function is a fundamental concept in trigonometry, used to model wave patterns.

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Noun Quiz

Time to test your knowledge! We have compiled a small quiz on noun of ‘function’ through which you can test your understanding.

  1. Which word is a synonym for “function” when referring to the purpose of something?

a) Difficulty

b) Performance

c) Role 

d) Confusion

  1. The digestive system has several key functions, including breaking down food for ___.

a) Storage

b) Decoration

c) Absorption 

d) Entertainment

  1. What is the ORIGIN of the word “function”?

a) Greek

b) Latin 

c) Old English

d) French

Check Answers!

  1. Role
  2. Absorption
  3. Latin
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