9+ Synonyms of Scope, Meaning, Examples, Quizzes

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Synonyms of scope include words such as breadth, extent, range, area, space, field, ambit, limit, etc. In this blog, we have discussed synonyms of scope with its meaning and much more! 

Synonyms of Scope

The synonyms of scope are used to describe the extent or limits of something or the opportunities and possibilities within a particular context. Here is a list of synonyms for the word “scope,” which refer to the range, extent, or opportunity for something:

  1. Extent
  2. Range
  3. Breadth
  4. Reach
  5. Sphere
  6. Limit
  7. Scale
  8. Magnitude
  9. Ambit
  10. Span
  11. Field
  12. Domain
  13. Area
  14. Wider context
  15. Space
  16. Capability
  17. Possibility
  18. Opportunity
  19. Capacity
  20. Aim

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Meaning of Scope

“Scope” refers to the extent, range, or breadth of something. It can refer to the area or space within which something operates or has influence, or it can refer to the opportunities, possibilities, or limits within a particular context. “Scope” often implies the boundaries or parameters of a situation or the potential for action or exploration.

Synonyms of Scope Usage With Examples

Here are some synonyms for the word “scope” along with example sentences for each:

  • The extent of the damage caused by the storm was far-reaching.
  • The breadth of her knowledge in various subjects is impressive.
  • We need to be aware of the limit of our resources for this project.
  • The study covers a wide area of research.
  • There is limited space for new equipment in the workshop.
  • She has expertise in the field of environmental science.
  • The magnitude of the earthquake was felt across multiple states.

Antonyms and Opposite Words of Scope

Antonyms for the word “scope” often refer to limitations, restrictions, or the absence of opportunity or potential. Here are some antonyms for “scope”:

  1. Limitation
  2. Boundary
  3. Restriction
  4. Constraint
  5. Confine
  6. Narrowness
  7. Restraint
  8. Inhibition
  9. Ceiling
  10. Boundary
  11. Constriction
  12. Repression
  13. Restraint
  14. Circumscription
  15. Enclosure

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Synonyms of Scope Quiz

Pick the correct synonym of scope from the options listed below:

  • Touch
  • Range
  • Boundary

Answer: Range

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This was all about the synonyms of scope meanings and examples. Hope you understand the concept and where it’s used. For more such blogs, follow Leverage Edu.

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