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“Disseminate” refers to the act of spreading or sharing something, usually with the aim of reaching a larger or more diverse audience. Some common synonyms of disseminate are convey, impart, spread, promulgate, diffuse, strew, promote, sprinkle, distribute, broadcast, etc. In this blog, we have discussed synonyms of disseminate with its meanings and much more! 

Synonyms of Disseminate

Here is a list of synonyms for the word “disseminate”:

  1. Spread
  2. Distribute
  3. Broadcast
  4. Circulate
  5. Promulgate
  6. Propagate
  7. Disperse
  8. Diffuse
  9. Publicize
  10. Sow
  11. Convey
  12. Impart
  13. Broadcast
  14. Scatter
  15. Radiate
  16. Sprinkle
  17. Strew
  18. Promote
  19. Pass on
  20. Share

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Meaning of Disseminate

“Disseminate” is a verb that means to distribute, scatter, or spread something, typically information, knowledge, ideas, or items, to a wide or diverse audience. It involves the act of making something more widely known, available, or accessible to a larger group of people. Dissemination often implies the sharing of information with the intention of reaching and benefiting a broader audience.

Synonyms of Disseminate Usage With Examples

Here are synonyms for “disseminate” used in sentences:

  • The rumors about their engagement spread like wildfire across social media.
  • The news network will broadcast the live coverage of the event worldwide.
  • The pamphlets, outlining safety guidelines, will circulate among employees.
  • The objective of the training program is to dispel any misconceptions about the new policy.
  • Her enthusiasm for the project radiated to the entire team, boosting their motivation.
  • The charity will disburse funds to support various humanitarian projects.

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Antonyms and Opposite Words of Disseminate

Here are some antonyms for the word “disseminate,” which represent actions that involve keeping, concealing, or limiting the spread of information, ideas, or items:

  1. Conceal
  2. Withhold
  3. Retain
  4. Suppress
  5. Hoard
  6. Confine
  7. Keep
  8. Bury
  9. Hide
  10. Protect

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Synonyms of Disseminate Quiz

Pick the correct synonym of disseminate from the options given below:

  • Reliable
  • Increase
  • Circulate
  • Bury

Answer: Circulate

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