What is the Noun Of Patient: Check Meaning, Synonyms, and Examples

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Noun of Patient

The noun of the patient is ‘patience’, an abstract noun that means to have some tolerance in English Grammar. It means bearing the pains calmly without having any complaints. There is no haste when a person is patient and can bear with control. However, another meaning of patient is a person suffering from any disease and lying in the hospital or getting treatment. It is a countable noun as it represents quantity. To learn more information about what is the noun of patient, continue reading this blog post. 

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Which is the Abstract Noun of Patient? – Meaning and Origin

The word ‘Patient’ is an adjective and its noun is patience which is a kind of abstract noun. Patience is an abstract noun representing a person’s ability to control themselves. It is a steady perseverance shown by a person in a different situation. 

The word patience originated in 1200 AD and its adjective form Patient came into being in the 14th century. It is derived from the Middle English word pacient. Additionally, it has its roots in the Anglo-French word and Latin words ‘patients’ and ‘patiens’.

Let’s understand the word patient in different forms with the help of examples mentioned below.

AdjectiveBe patient with the child – he’s very naughty.
NounHe maintained his patience from the start to the end of the game.

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15 Synonyms of Patient

The synonyms are similar words that help you to use the words in different ways. Here, we will discuss the synonyms of the word ‘Patient’ that will help you improve your English vocabulary.


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Picture For Noun of Patient

Let’s understand the Noun of a Patient with the help of a picture that you can download and use further.

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Examples of Noun of Patient in Sentences 

Now that we have understood the noun of patient we will discuss some examples for using it in a sentence.

  • The sweets are coming; just be patient.
  • He is as patient as his elder brother.
  • The players were very patient from the start of the game.
  • You should learn to be patient in intense situations.
  • The ability to tolerate is an important quality in patient people.

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Noun Quiz Of Patient

Now when you have an understanding of the noun of Patient, you can take the following quiz to test your knowledge.

  1. You should show some_____standing in the long queue.

      A). patient

      B). patients

      C). patience

      D). calm

  1. The quality of being_____helps people everywhere.

      A). patient

      B). patients

      C). patience

      D). None of the above

Check your Answers below!

  1. C). patience
  2. A). patient

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