9+ English Speaking Activities for ESL Learners

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English-Speaking Activities for ESL

Are you on the lookout for English speaking activities for ESL learners? Well, you have come to the right place. English is indeed not only a vast language but also very complicated. With several rules, it often becomes difficult for one to just keep up. However, today we have compiled this blog post where we have listed all the activities that an ESL learner can go through to improve their English grammar and vocabulary, make sure you continue reading this blog for complete information. 

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English Speaking Activities for ESL (Beginner-Friendly)

If you are a beginner who has just started to learn English, then the below-mentioned list of activities is for you. Check out all the games that a beginner ESL learner can play which will help them to improve their English grammar and use it effectively. 

Flashcard Games

Flashcard games are a fantastic way for any beginner who is trying to learn a new language as its known for boosting engagement and practicing vocabulary effectively. By repeatedly reviewing the flashcards, one gets to memorise the words and their meanings. This leads to a deeper understanding of the language and helps in communication skills.

Here are some of the top flashcard games which one can play and practice their English language skills. Keep in mind that these games have been designed for all age groups. 

CharadesFind Someone Who
Sentence ScrambleFlashcards on the Wall
20 QuestionsPictionary

Picture Describing

Another best way to learn any new language is through picture description where one is shown a picture and then they are asked to answer questions accordingly. This game can also be played in groups. The biggest perk here is that students/ learners can use all their creativity to describe the picture. 

Below are all the applications through which one can play this game and enhance their English skills. 

News Report RoleplayMovie Trailer Talk
Odd One OutGuess the Story
I Spy with PicturesWhat’s Missing?


In this game, students are divided into pairs and each team is provided with a dictionary (physical or digital). They are then provided with several words (related to a current topic or unit). In a set period, they are then asked to find the definitions for all the words and write down a short explanation (synonyms, parts of speech). The first team to complete the task wins the game. 


Hangman is a classic game that we all have played at least once in our lifetime. It can be easily adapted to help ESL learners practice vocabulary and spelling. The game has several benefits, such as vocabulary building, spelling practice, reinforcement of phonics along fun. 

Describe and Draw

It is a versatile game as it allows students to practice describing and comprehending vocabulary words through spoken and visual communication. Not only this but with tie, players become fluent and gain clarity in their spoken English as they describe their drawings. It is a great game to make vocabulary practice fun and interactive for your ESL learners!

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English Speaking Activities for Adults Studying ESL 

It is said that interactive activities/games play an important role in one’s education as they help one to learn or grasp information interestingly. Here are all the activities that will be suitable for all the adults who are currently trying to learn the English language. 


It is a flexible and engaging activity that can be adapted to different learning levels and themes. This is the best game for all the adults who are working on improving their English language skills. Several players can participate wherein they can take chances to play it. They get to practice formulating questions, expressing themselves clearly, and actively listening to understand the interviewee’s responses.


The classic game Taboo can be a fantastic tool for ESL learners to practice vocabulary and communication in a fun and interactive way. In this, the student gets to improve their vocabulary by describing and guessing words, expanding their knowledge and usage. Not only this, the game also promotes clear and concise communication as students explain and interpret clues.


Roleplaying games (RPGs) get to play the role of a character. Here the students are supposed to peak in full sentences, even if grammatically incorrect. The goal is to communicate effectively. When struggling they can always take suggestions from vocabulary. 

Would you rather?

Another interactive game where students are asked multiple questions which they have to answer after spending a few minutes of thinking. Thereafter, they are supposed to explain the reason behind why they chose that option. 

Example: Would you rather have a dog or a cat? 

Guess who

Finally, just like the Hangman game, this one is also a classic where students are required to create character cards using magazines and newspapers. When playing this game, students are encouraged to actively use new words which are part of their vocabulary in describing. The game format keeps the student active and motivated to speak in English. 

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What is ESL and Why is it Important?

ESL which stands for English as a Second Language refers to the teaching and learning of English by people whose native language is not English. They are specifically designed to help individuals develop their English language skills in all the key areas:

  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing

But you must be wondering about the importance behind it. Well, there are a couple of reasons why studying this language is important, here are some of them:

  • Being proficient in the English language, one gets exposed to several job opportunities, international study opportunities, and wider access to information and resources.
  • It allows individuals to build relationships, and participate in social activities.
  • Lastly, language is a gateway to culture. It allows individuals to appreciate different cultures and understand diverse perspectives

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What is a fun game to practice speaking English?

One of the most classic games to improve your English is ‘Hangman’ which is an effective way to improve your vocabulary with your friend. 

What games help with speech?

Games that help in improving speech include Hopscotch Word Fun, The Alphabet Game, Heads Up! and several others. 

What is a spoken word game?

A spoken word game is a game which uses words instead of cards or boards to learn new words. 

This was all about the “English speaking activities for ESL.” Hopefully, you understand the concept and where it’s used. You can also follow Leverage Edu for more exciting and informative blogs on Learn English

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