How Pop Culture Can Help You Learn English?

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How Pop Culture Can Help You Learn English?

How pop culture can help you learn English: Learning English can feel like scaling a mountain of textbooks and grammar drills. But what if there was a way to learn that was fun, engaging, and seeped into your everyday life? Enter pop culture: the music you listen to, the shows you binge-watch, and the memes that crack you up. These cultural touchstones can be your secret weapon for English fluency. Also, media platforms such as social media, cinema, music, etc. influence people to learn English and realise its importance

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How Pop Culture Can Help You Learn English?

Pop culture has become an integral part of people’s lives, and it is the best source of entertainment and learning English. Here are some of the pop culture elements that can motivate you to learn English.

Movies and Television Series

Watching a television series or a movie that is available in the English language is a better way to learn English. You can watch your favourite TV series and movies to learn English by listening to the conversation between people in them. It helps us understand the language in a better way and how to speak English during different situations. You can also use subtitles if you find difficulty in understanding the accents of the people in the series. Subtitles help you to learn the accents as they allow you to understand the words the character is speaking. There are lots of American and British TV series and movies that are available on different OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. which you can watch to learn English. Additionally, they are also available on different TV channels which you can watch according to the genre you like.


YouTube is one of the best and most free pop culture mediums that you can use to learn English. There are several channels available on the platform that you can use to learn the language. People can take lessons on different topics of the English language there and learn how to structure sentences correctly. Nearly, all the topics of English grammar are available on YouTube such as nouns, prepositions, vocabulary, use of tenses, etc. You can also prepare for different exams using Youtube which requires English as an important subject. Additionally, learning how to speak English fluently and write effectively can also be learned by using YouTube. Most people in the world use YouTube as a medium to learn English and use it in their day-to-day lives. 

Song Apps

The song apps that are popularly growing today have songs from every culture, country, and type of music genre. It is up to the audience which music genre they want to listen to whether it is Jazz, Soul, Country, Classical, Folk, Pop music, hip hop, or some other one. Learning English through song apps is just as simple as putting headphones on and listening to your favourite English song. Continuously listening to the lyrics of the English song will make you learn it easily. You can listen to the songs and learn English. Additionally, an app named Lyrics Training provides a fun and learning experience for learning English. One can learn English through the app by listening to lyrics and music videos from different English songs.


The advertisements you see on different websites and social media websites are another way by which you can learn English. Pop culture has reached nearly every place in the world and has made people learn English through advertisements. If a famous personality gets showcased in an advertisement then people from every age group watch it. They just try to speak the dialogues that the celebrity speaks and learn some new words along with their meanings practically.  

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Pop Culture: A Unique Way of learning English

Pop culture has become a unique way to learn and speak English. People sometimes get bored learning English by using the traditional methods but they have a pop culture where they can learn it. It is an entertaining way of learning English that makes you enjoyably learn the language. Switching the styles in different songs where lyrics change and suddenly a new word comes whose meaning you never knew. Parents worry about how they can motivate their children to study. They need to understand that there are ways in the form of pop culture that are needed to be explored. Additionally, using methods that excite the people that will work as a motivation to learn English. 

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How pop culture can help you learn English?

Teachers can use different methods such as giving examples related to pop culture such as famous songs, TV series, movies, etc. can help you in learning English. 

Why pop culture is important for society?

Pop culture has a high influence on society as it shapes our values, beliefs, and attitudes. It affects fashion trends by following different celebrities. Music has the power to inspire movements and evoke emotions that can change social and political conditions.

How does culture affect learning English?

Culture has a high impact on learning English by changing communication strategies, learner’s motivation, and changing perception. 

This was all about “How pop culture is helping you learn English”. Hope you understand the concept and know how to proceed. You can also follow the Learn English page of Leverage Edu for more exciting and informative blogs related to grammar. 

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