What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Learning English?

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Learning English

Learning English is considered to be a good thing by so many people but it also comes with several disadvantages. English is a language that students start learning in school and the journey goes on to professional life. At a young age, the mind understands the importance of learning English as told by teachers and parents. It has several advantages but also has some disadvantages that create problems in certain situations. Learning English improves the vocabulary of the candidates and helps in reducing complex problems. Additionally, learning English helps in understanding the different kinds of words that have several meanings of it. In the blog, we will discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of learning English that will help you in better decision-making. 

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Advantages of Learning English

There are several advantages when you want to learn English as a secondary language. English is considered to be an international-level language that is spoken nearly in most of the countries in the world. People use it as a language of communication in places where they do not know about the native language. Here, are some of the advantages of learning English that will help you in making progress and growth in life. 

Employment Prospect

Learning English opens the doors for so many employment opportunities where you can excel through it. A better English speaker has more chances of getting selected for the job than one who does not speak it well. English is that kind of skill that never gets wasted in your life as people keep on growing by learning it.

Great Speaking Skill

English is a valuable speaking skill that enhances your work profile. It helps in communicating with native speakers more effectively where you can discuss their cultures. Additionally, it sharpens the overall communication skills of the people so that they can effectively communicate with their colleagues, bosses, and business partners.

Easy Travel

Learning English makes your travel easier as if you are travelling to a new country it helps in creating smooth connection. Knowing English makes it easier for you to understand the signs and symbols. You can easily connect with people from the country you are travelling to. Additionally, if you get lost in a foreign land you can connect with locals or use an app to find the way to your destination.

Enjoying the Movies, TV Shows and Books

Many people want to enjoy movies, TV shows, and books during their free time which are available in English. If they are not available in English then the users can watch them by using the subtitles which helps in understanding what the characters are speaking. Additionally, it is also considered to be an important way of learning English and a medium of entertainment. Different popular OTT platforms such as Netflix, Prime, Hulu, etc. mostly have English content in it.

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Disadvantages of Learning English

Learning English or any language comes with both advantages and disadvantages. After going through the advantages above, we will now look at all the downsides that one encounters while learning this language.

Local Language Extinction

English can lead to the extinction of the local language. There are countries in which the native language is spoken. People used to neglect their native language to learn English. They consider that the English will take you to the place where the native language won’t be able to. Additionally, they think that their native language will not come into use anywhere, and top companies judge only based on how you know the English language. People who speak English regularly while living in another country forget their primary native language which used to be their mother tongue. The use of the English language is leading to the death of the native language and it is not able to get the respect it deserves. 

Difficulty Speaking Fluently

A person who does not know how to speak English fluently faces difficulty in life. It demotivates them as they hesitate to speak the language in front of others. A fluent speaker speaks English with confidence and without any hesitation while a non-fluent one is not able to do that. Fluency comes with proper practice and communication with others so it should be done regularly to speak it well.

Not Doing Regular Practice

If you are not doing regular practice in English then there are chances that you will not be able to remember words or will face problems speaking them. Whether you are learning English or writing both require regular practice. The key is to keep learning and improving with it and excel at this skill. 

Lack of Interest

Some people have a lack of interest in English so they do not want to learn it. It makes you lose motivation in the language and difficulty in retaining the things you have learned.  The limited exposure to the language will make you lose opportunities in the future and hinder the ability to speak fluently. Additionally, learning without interest just makes the experience more difficult and frustrating. 

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What is one advantage and disadvantage of learning English?

One advantage of learning English is that you get better jobs while one disadvantage is that there is a loss of interest in the local language.

How does English help in getting a job?

By knowing better English you can easily clear interviews and help clear the assessments to be conducted in the language.

How to speak English fluently?

Try speaking English in front of native speakers and learn how fluent people speak the language. You can watch YouTube videos and use the idioms.

This was all about “Advantages and Disadvantages of learning English”. Hope you understand the concept and know how to proceed. You can also follow the Learn English page of Leverage Edu for more exciting and informative blogs related to grammar.

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