Adverb Clause of Purpose with Meaning, Usage, and Examples

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An adverb clause of purpose describes why something happens or is done. It is utilised to explain or provide more information about the adverb, verb, or adjective. It begins with words like “so that,” “in order that,” or simply “to” followed by a verb. These clauses provide reasons or purposes behind actions or events. Therefore, in this blog, you will get knowledge about adverb clauses of purpose, examples, exercise and more. So that, the next time you encounter this grammatical tool, you will be able to keep the common mistakes at bay. 

Adverb Clause of Purpose – Meaning and Definition

A clause which informs us about the meaning of the verb in the main clause is called an adverb clause of purpose. It falls under the kind of a subordinate clause, as it cannot stand alone and must be connected to an independent clause. Standard conjunctions are used to introduce adverb clauses of purpose.

Adverb clause of purpose

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Usage of Adverb Clauses of Purpose

Adverb clauses of purpose, as the name indicates, explain the reason or goal behind an act in a sentence. They function like adverbs by modifying verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs in the primary clause. It is formed as a Subordinating conjunction + Adverb clause (dependent clause) + Main clause (independent clause)

Subordinating conjunctions

They are the trigger words that present the adverb clause of purpose. Some common ones include: so that, in order to, to (used for infinitive verbs), and lest (meaning “for fear that”).

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7+ Examples of Adverb Clauses of Purpose

Here are some of the examples that students can refer to:

  • He wrapped the gift carefully so that it would not break during shipping.
  • They woke up early in order to catch the sunset.
  • They study hard to get good marks.
  • Close the door lest the cat gets out.
  • They brought an umbrella so that I would not get caught in the rain.
  • He practices his lines every night in order to deliver an excellent performance.
  • They whispered during the movie lest they disturb the other viewers.
  • The baker utilises only organic ingredients to create the most nutritious bread possible.
  • She enrolled in language classes to become fluent in German.
  • Save some money in case an emergency arises.

Adverb Clause of Purpose Exercises

Instructions: Fill in the blank with a suitable word to form an adverb clause of purpose.

  1. They bought an alarm clock __________ I would not be late for work.
  2. He practised the piano every day __________ to improve his skills.
  3. They whispered __________ not wake the baby.
  4. Leave a message __________ he can call you back.
  5. She brought an umbrella __________ so she wouldn’t get wet.
  6. I’m studying hard __________ get into a good college.
  7. They locked the door __________ keep the house safe.
  8. Please speak slowly __________ everyone can understand you.
  9. Take your jacket __________ so you don’t get cold.
  10. I’m saving money __________ to travel to Europe next year.
  1. so that
  2. in order to
  3. so as not to
  4. so that
  5. so that
  6. in order to
  7. to
  8. so that
  9. lest
  10. so that
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What do you mean by the adverb of purpose?

Adverbs of purpose help to describe why something is the case. Many adverbs of purpose function as conjunctive adverbs.

What is an example of a purpose clause?

They use definition clauses to indicate the purpose of an action. She left early to catch the flight.

What do you understand by clauses for purpose?

Purpose clause when you want to state the purpose of the action in the independent clause. The most common type of purpose clause is a to-infinitive clause. Sarah went to the computer lab to print out her research report.

This was all about the adverb clause of purpose with meaning, usage, and examples in Learn English. Hope you understand the concept and know how to proceed. You can also follow the page of Leverage Edu for more exciting and informative blogs.

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