17+ Antonyms of Attract, Meaning and Examples 

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The word “attract” is used to describe the force that causes objects to move towards each other due to gravity or magnetism. Some common antonyms of attract are repel, repulse, deter, bore, disgust etc. The blog article below will give you the meaning of attract, its antonyms and its usage with examples.

Meaning of Attract

The word “attract” has two main meanings: To draw or pull something towards something else, either physically or figuratively. And secondly, to arouse interest or admiration in someone or something.

Moreover, it can be used to express a wide range of contexts such as describing the appeal of a product to the charm of a person or the magnetism of an idea.

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Antonyms of Attract

The antonyms of attract are:

  1. Repel
  2. Repulse
  3. Deter
  4. Discourage
  5. Dissuade
  6. Bore
  7. Disenchant
  8. Disgust
  9. Disinterest
  10. Refuse
  11. Reject
  12. Shun
  13. Alienate
  14. Divert
  15. Scare off
  16. Dishearten
  17. Disillusion
  18. Uninterest

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Usage with Examples

Here are some examples of how these words can be used in a sentence:

  • The smell of garbage repelled the flies.
  • The rude customer service representative repulsed the customers.
  • The high price of the car deterred potential buyers.
  • The teacher’s negative attitude discouraged the students from learning.
  • The doctor’s advice dissuaded the patient from smoking.
  • The boring lecture bored the students to sleep.
  • The magician’s disappointing performance disenchanted the audience.
  • The sight of the maggots disgusted the diners.

Antonyms of Attract Quiz!

Pick the correct antonym of attract from the options given below:

  • Response
  • Instinctive
  • Repel

Answer: Repel

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This was all about the antonyms of “attract” and examples. Hope you understood the concept where it’s used. For more such blogs, follow Leverage Edu.

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