Selling Like Hotcakes Meaning, Examples and Synonyms 

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Selling like hotcakes

The meaning of the idiom selling like Hotcakes is not a difficult-to-understand, it simply means that something is being sold out in large quantities rapidly. When the demand for a product is above it is said to be selling like hotcakes!

The reference to the phrase is also very interesting, when the consumers are going ‘Hot’ over the demand for a certain product or service, this term is quick and efficient to use. There is an interesting story about the origin of the phrase. 

So, hotcake is a synonym for Pancakes which were distributed after Church on Sundays, they were started to be called Hotcakes because they were sold faster than they were made. The phrase originated from this phenomenon in the 1700s and is still used in the common vocabulary.   

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Usage with Examples

‘Selling like hotcakes’ is a phrase that can be used in everyday life as well as in corporate and business life. It can be used to introduce a new video game to your friends and also a new trend or product idea at your workplace. 

It can also be used to talk about your aunt’s new recipe for curry being popular over a family dinner. Generally, the phrase is good to use for any scenario where the subject is flying off the shelves faster than it is coming to the market. 

Let’s have a look at some examples of this phrase. 

  1. The new book on the Dan Brown series is selling like hotcakes. 
  2. I am going to book the Avengers movie ticket beforehand. They always sell like hotcakes. 
  3. After dealing with a long pandemic situation, the new covid vaccines were sold like hotcakes. 
  4. It is the onset of winter, and soon peanuts are going to sell like hotcakes. 

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Synonyms and Similar Words to Selling Like Hotcakes

Here are some other phrases, words and idioms that mean the same as ‘Selling like hotcakes’.

  1. Sell well
  2. Be popular 
  3. Be in demand
  4. Fly of the shelves
  5. Be snapped up!

Selling Like Hotcakes Meaning Quiz

Tickets for the stand-up-comedy show were selling like hotcakes, the 

  1. Performers were not up to the mark
  2. Comedians were out of the league
  3. The show was going to be jam-packed

Ans. The show was going to be jam-packed

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