9+ English Proverbs Starting with Q: Check Meanings

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Proverbs Starting with Q

One of the most famous proverbs starting with Q is “Quick to believe is quickly deceived” which means those who are too eager to believe things are more likely to be deceived or misled. English proverbs are short quotes that offer motivational learning to people. Proverbs starting with Q are another addition to the English proverbs beginning with different letters. As we know, Q is one of the least common letters that is used in English grammar. But worry not as we are here to help you out. To help you out more with the English proverbs starting with Q, continue reading this blog post.

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5 Common English Proverbs Starting with and their Meaning

English proverbs are the traditional sayings that great people create through the experiences they gain. They offer life advice to people which is very helpful to them. The proverbs in the past times were used in stories and sometimes in their endings. In ancient times people through their life experiences gained these words of wisdom and passed them to generations to come. Here, is the list of some common proverbs given in the table starting with Q and its meaning.

Common ProverbsMeaning
Quick and well seldom go together. An important that lesson that proverb gives is doing things quickly can lead to mistakes. It is harder than speed and quality will not come together in work. 
Quick come, quick go The proverbs emphasize that things that are gained quickly are not highly valued and go away easily. Things that are obtained quickly by people would not last long.
Quick returns make rich merchants.A quick return on the investment can make the merchants rich. Those who quickly make a profit can become rich merchants.
Quarelling dogs come halting home.The proverbs tell us that quarreling with someone is bad. Quarreling has a bad impact on people as it affects their physical and mental health badly. 
Quiet worms will bore a hole in the wall.The proverb has a deep meaning that tells how small or weak somebody is. They can achieve anything in life if work hard on their goal. 

5+ English Proverbs Starting with Q and their Explanation

The English proverbs with Q have some extensive meanings associated with them. Take a look at some of the English proverbs starting with Q along with their explanation. 

Quartan Agues Kill Old Men and Cure Young

Quartan agues is a kind of malaria that can kill an old man as they have weak immunity and are unable to withstand the disease. However, if a young man suffers from this disease he gets cured as he has a strong immune system and builds a strong immunity to tackle the disease in the future.

Quartan Agues Kill Old Men and Cure Young

Quarrels Enhance the Pleasures Of Love

The proverb emphasizes the importance of small fights in love and relationships. The occasional light arguments are good for a relationship as they develop trust and strengthen the relationship. The quarrels and arguments in love should be limited and not cross the limits. Healthy conflicts and addressing disagreements carefully can enhance the pleasure of love. 

Proverbs Starting with Q

Quarrelsome Dogs Get Dirty Coats

The Irish proverb tells the dogs who fight end up getting mud and dirt on their bodies. Similarly, the quarrels between people only make the relationship worse. Quarrel creates a situation where people find it harder to interact with each other. It also affects the mental and physical health of the people badly. 

Quality Best Is Not Better Than the Cheapest

The proverbs explain that sometimes quality is not the best thing we need. During situations when the budget is less people tend to buy less quality things at a cheaper price rather than buying a quality product at a costly price. It depends on the situation and the needs of the customer as there are some products where a quality check is not needed.

Proverbs Starting with Q

Quiet Rivers Have Fowery Banks

The Chinese proverb gives us the idea that the calm rivers at their banks have more sunlight and less erosion which allows the flower to flourish. Similarly, quiet and calm people can create a more peaceful and fulfilling life. A peaceful mind can create positivity and calmness in life. It also explains that beauty is present in hidden places we just have to find it.

Quiet Horses Kick the Hardest

The proverb takes an example of a horse in explaining the other side of the calm people. Calm people look peaceful but when they become angry they can hurt you very badly. It is harder to understand what a calm person is thinking they may be planning something unexpected.

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