What is the Abstract Noun of Encourage: Check the Meaning, Synonyms & Examples

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The abstract noun of ‘encourage’ in the English language is ‘encouragement’ which means to motivate somebody to do a task. People tend to speak encouraging words to others when they are helpless. It is something that supports, fuels, protects, or promotes others to increase their confidence. Additionally, these are the stimulating words that make people change their moods and do the work they do not want to do. 

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What is the Abstract Noun of Encourage? – Meaning and Origin 

The word ‘encourage’ is a verb and its abstract noun is encouragement. People with low confidence require encouragement when they are unwilling to do crucial work. Encourage, as a word originated in the early 15th century from the old French encoragier which means to make strong. 

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15 Synonyms of Encourage

The synonyms of encourage can be used when you want to evoke the feeling of motivation in people. Here, is the list of synonyms which you can take help with and use wherever required. 

Hearten Buoy

Explore more exciting synonyms below!

Synonyms of ObstreperousSynonyms of Solicitous
Synonyms of EruditeSynonyms of Exhort
Synonyms of Pedagogic Synonyms of Abrogate

Picture for Noun of Encourage

Let’s take a look at the picture for the Synonyms noun of encourage which you can download and use for further use. 

synonyms of Encourage

Examples of Noun of Encourage in Sentences

The Noun of encourage can be better understood by its examples. So, take a look at some of the example sentences of the word that will help you use it well in a sentence. 

  • Encourage Tom to join the race.
  • The captain wants to encourage the team to join the race.
  • The leaders should encourage people to save the environment.
  • Please encourage your daughter to start attending yoga classes.
  • The aim of the movement is to encourage people to change.

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Noun Quiz of Encourage

Now, when you have understood the noun of encourage. Let’s test your knowledge about the Noun of encouragement that will help you to know how to use it in a sentence. 

  1. The man____the young boy to quit smoking.

      A). encourage

      B). encouraging

      C). encourages

      D). encouraged

  1. The team is continuously losing so needs some_____from the coach.

      A). encourage

      B). encouragement

      C). encouraging

      D). encouraged

  1. They want to____the audience to come and watch the show.

      A). encourage

      B). encouraging

      C). encourages

      D). encouraged

  1. D). encouraged
  2. B). encouragement
  3. A). encourage
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This was all about the noun form of ‘encourage’, its meaning, synonyms, and related information. Hope you understand the concept and where it’s used. You can also follow Leverage Edu for more exciting and informative blogs.

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