14+ Antonyms of Worried, Meaning and Examples

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Worried can be described as a common emotional state that arises when individuals are faced with challenges, uncertainties, or potential problems, and they are preoccupied with negative thoughts about the future.

Meaning of Worried

“Worried” is an adjective that describes a state of unease, anxiety, or concern about a particular situation, event, or outcome. When someone is worried, they are troubled by thoughts or uncertainties, and they may feel uneasy or anxious about what might happen.

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Antonyms of Worried

The antonyms of “worried” include:

  1. Calm
  2. Relaxed
  3. Unconcerned
  4. Composed
  5. Content
  6. Serene
  7. Tranquil
  8. Untroubled
  9. Carefree
  10. Confident
  11. Assured
  12. Reassured
  13. Secure
  14. At ease
  15. Peaceful

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Usage with Examples

Here are some common examples of the worried mentioned below:

  • On vacation, he was completely relaxed and free from worries.
  • With everything in order, she was content and at ease.
  • He seemed unconcerned about the upcoming challenges.
  • The children played in the garden, carefree and happy.
  • With a solid plan in place, he felt assured and confident.
  • The peaceful surroundings made her feel tranquil and undisturbed.
  • In the moment, he was untroubled by any pressing issues.

Antonyms of Worried Quiz!

Pick the correct antonym of worried from the options given below:

  • Content
  • Single
  • Distress

Answer: Content

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