What If A Group Of Study Abroad Students Accidentally Invented A World-Famous Dish By Blending Culinary Traditions?

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What If A Group Of Study Abroad Students Accidentally Invented A World-Famous Dish By Blending Culinary Traditions?

Since we grew up and started learning about all the inventions and creations happening around us, it has always been a dream in our subconscious to create something of our own, something that will be known by our names. Be it a bigger invention like a bulb or a smaller one like a new dish. Talking practically, even a dish that is world-famous is not a small invention to be counted in. 

The students going to study abroad from various parts of the world have different values, knowledge, and culture. Each of them knows about some things the others do not. They come in contact with different people, different ideas, and different views of seeing things.

Food is one major thing that is different in each part of the world. Students living abroad, carry their different tastes in food. 

What If blending in all these different tastes and traditions turns out to be a world-famous invention?

Let’s see in this blog, how the world-famous dish could have been invented accidentally by blending different culinary traditions.

Blending Culinary Traditions
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Reason For The Invention

Blending Culinary Traditions
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I am sure all of us have seen the movie “3 Ideots”, it is one of the iconic movies in the history of Bollywood. The way the movie depicts the life of students in college, the competition, the pressure, the urge for development, and the effect of all of it in the personal lives of the students. When talking about the movie, is there anybody who can forget the Drone or the Virus?

For non-movie fans, Virus was the first inverter that was invented by the Tech Students or main character of the movie and so was the drone, which proved to be a very useful and important invention of all time.

I am sure that movie could be a kickstart to many student’s dreams of inventions in their own respective fields.

Even if the invention is by accident, the assumption is that the invention has been taken place by the students in Hotel Management or Cooking courses, while trying to make something new, or just trying out things mixing in different elements. 

I believe this inspiration that we take from the great discoverers and the movies to be the source of motivation for the invention even if it was an invention by mistake, after all even the invention of penicillin and X-ray was also accidental but was it not to be thought of ever?

The Idea Of The Invention

Blending Culinary Traditions
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Different students from different countries with different cultures and different culinary traditions, so many different but one thing in common, the urge to explore.

These types of new inventions of blending can only take place when there are a lot of different options available and there is a lot of learning and sharing.

The students especially in cooking-related courses get access to be able to cook their cultural food and share it with their mates, who might or might not like it. Who might want to change it, want to mix it with something else? Sometimes these mixtures turn out to be great inventions, like McDonald’s Mc float. The unique way of serving ice cream floating over the carbonated drink made it very attractive to the consumers and the taste was also very unique.

Definitely, when the students would have been trying other traditional dishes mixed and matched them with others and came up with an amazing dish, that is when this great invention took place.

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Where Would The Invention Take The Students?

Blending Culinary Traditions
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No great invention comes with no limelight. The discoveries are always highlighted and appreciated if worth the attention.

If students actually came up with such a dish that has a scope to be world-famous be it even by mistake, there is a great chance for it that it would become world famous. How?

The possibility is the university or the institution that is already dealing in culinary arts can give the dish a platform and a path to success by giving it recognition by the prestigious name of the university.

If not,  the dish can land the students a seat in Masterchef, the world-famous live show that gives the best cooks across the world the recognition they deserve. Being the finalist or not is secondary, giving that dish a platform to shine is assured in there.

Even if the dish gets its fame, what next?

The students can open up their brand of that particular dish, like Burger King did by starting with just Burgers. 

Inventing the dish was not all to start a single-dish restaurant, they needed funds, a plan, etc

Where would that come from?

A suggestion would be going over shark tank, to get your dish more of the recognition and good money.

What if the idea does not qualify for funding?

If there is faith that the dish can be world-famous but no way to start a restaurant and do not want to let this go, then I believe our smart champs would go with the trending idea of a cloud kitchen. If people can’t reach the dish, make the dish reach the people and let them love it too.

That is how the world gets one new amazing dish and our curious inventors get fame and a new business with a lot of money.

Blending Culinary Traditions
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This is what would have happened probably if a group of study abroad students accidentally invented a world-famous dish by blending culinary traditions. to read more such interesting articles follow Infotainment Archives and to get knowledge on Studying abroad kindly follow Leverage Edu.

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