What Bollywood Movies Taught Us About Studying Abroad

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Bollywood movies are often a goldmine of information and may provide you with exceptional details about topics you knew nothing about. For example – Before K3G happened, did you have the remotest of ideas that PHAT stood for Pretty Hot and Tempting? My point exactly. 

Similarly, Bollywood is also obsessed with exotic foreign locations and the good NRI life. So it is obvious that there will be rich NRI kids going to university and learning new things. Today we will look at some lessons learnt from Bollywood movies about studying abroad.

You Automatically Go From Nerd to The Hottie Next Door

Remember Laddoo and Pooja/Poo? I mean these were pretty okay-looking kids with the former having put on loads of weight due to his unhealthy eating habits. But, lo and behold, as soon as these kids moved abroad they had the makeover of a lifetime. Laddoo even went on to become Hrithik Roshan with sculpted abs and bulging biceps. I guess the water outside India just contains whey protein instead of vitamins. 

Always Gotta Fall in Love With The Indian Girl

When you are studying abroad, you will get to know people from across the world. Accordingly, the odds of you falling in love with someone who is not from the Indian subcontinent are quite high. But not when you are an Indian in a Bollywood movie. In such cases, you have to fall for the Indian girl on campus. There ain’t no other option. 

Everyone Goes to Oxford, Harvard or Cambridge

Remember Tina from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai? She returned to India after studying at Oxford. Much like her, everyone in a Bollywood movie goes to the top-most colleges which secretly means everyone in Bollywood is a born genius who was able to clear each examination with flying colours to make it to the best colleges.

All The Parents are Conservative

For once, I would like to see a liberal NRI Indian parent who does not stop his daughter from going to a nightclub or a trip with her friends or wearing backless. The typical Indian dad will always plant thoughts of doubt in his head about what his child may be up to. What if they lose their way? Or get kidnapped? I get the fears but I am pretty sure the same could happen in Greater Noida too. Just saying. 

Everyone is Just Rich. No Questions Asked. 

Why is it that every Indian kid who is shown to study abroad in Bollywood movies is always rich without any explanation? We do not see them working in Mcdonald’s to make ends meet or sleeping in modest accommodations. Never. Instead, we see them make entries in the swankiest of cars with the best of clothing and sneakers. I guess only the peasants like us have to toil and work hard to make ends meet while the rich kids of Bollywood go out and live their best life. 

And that was our list. Maybe if you and I went to study abroad, we would go from Laddoo to Hrithik Roshan as well. In case you want to achieve this amazing transformation as well, reach out to our team at LeverageEdu to kickstart your study abroad journey. 

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