What If Bridgerton Character Penelope Featherington Went to Study Abroad

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What If Bridegerton Character Penelope Featherington Went to Study Abroad

Have you ever wondered how it would be if you were born in a great palace to a viscount and lived a lavish life of culture and standard? Once in a while, everyone imagines about such things. Especially the people who like to create their world of delusion. And when we come across some amazing movies and series on similar topics trend on the top watched list then the urge increases, even more, to experience that life again. 

Bridgerton is a Netflix Series based on the story of 8 siblings of the family Bridgerton looking for love. This story is adapted from a novel written by Julia Quinn. The show is set in high society alternate regency era of London which makes it all very aesthetic and beautiful to experience. The recent season that trended on Netflix is season 3 in which the main story revolves around the Bridgerton character “Penelope Featherington” or say “Writer Wisteltown”. The girl has not only put fire on the show but has gained immense popularity through her character. She was inspirational in this season and her determination for passion and zeal to fight for the rights of women brought her a lot of liking. 

Do you wonder, what if Penelopy was not how she is shown in the series? What if she was the warrior? Or better, what if she was a student who wished to study abroad?

Penelope As A Study Abroad Student

Let’s see how would have it been if Penelopy Featherington was a student who was going abroad to study and make her career. 

She must be an excellent student of English

What If Bridgerton Character Penelope Featherington Went to Study Abroad
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Penelope no doubt was excellent at understanding and perceiving. This fact could be very visible in her writing and reading skills. She would not only be a challenge to her classmates but would also be a standard of living. How? She must have plenty of time in hand as her educational skills would be good making her enjoy the abroad life very peacefully and in no hurry. Though she is not the type, but is she would, she could take a trip out every month, explore the nightlife of the country and have a look at all the tourist spots and yet she would not leave the highest rank in the class. 

Why arts? Because she was excellent at it. It was her passion to be a writer and so was her profession. One would definitely do and excel in the subject of expertise if given the chance. 

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She would be void of worldly issues

As students move abroad, they face a lot of challenges. Sometimes the challenges are related to the issues of unacceptability, non-adjustment, etc. Loneliness can be a big part of a student’s life abroad if they are not the hyper friendly personality. Penel.  friendly person but she definitely was the one who never cared about the criticism. She knew her ways to work out things. The way she comes out of her shell in the movie and makes herself one of the strongest personalities yet calm shows how resilient she is. She will not cry over her issues, she will rectify them and change them. If unchangeable she would leave the issues behind and enjoy her study abroad journey in other ways. 

What If Bridgerton Character Penelope Featherington Went to Study Abroad
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She must be an earner

Earning is not easy when you start to do it the very first time and what is more tough is the saving part. But did you notice how our little champion used her brain wisely in the show and earned a huge amount from her passion? And saved it to use it at when and where really necessary. So do you think she would be asking about her daily requirements from her mother Ms. Featherington? I believe she would take up some part-time job or better would continue her writing and make good money herself to fund her studies and expenses abroad. It is not as of taking funding from parents is bad, just that there is no harm in having an extra source of money, that too when it comes from something you love to do. 

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Everybody in the abroad destination would know her

Some people are popular, and some are the hidden ones that no one remembers in class. Yet, there is another category of people who are not very loud, not very noisy and stardom types, yet very popular, silently popular. Everyone knows them for their work and they have some sort of importance. I believe Penelope would be one of such students. She would be highly known for her work, be it passion-related or be it academic-related. She would be that sweet girl that everyone loves to be around because she has that fun and comforting aura. There would be hardly any enemies of her and hardly anyone who does not know her. 

What If Bridgerton Character Penelope Featherington Went to Study Abroad
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She must have had a very small group of friends

Penelope believed in quality and not quantity. It’s her nature to be confined to limited people. This trait of hers was seen in the series where she only restricted her friendship to a couple of people and did not barge every door. Even if she lost one of those friends, it did not make her make more friends. She is someone who makes a few friends but makes them for a lifetime, which is not bad. It is very good to see how she cherishes those people and friends she has and not just take the quality but gives it too.

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This is how the experience of Penelopy would be if she was a study abroad student studying English. To read more of such interesting blogs on informative and entertaining topics, follow Infotainment Archives and to learn about studying abroad, follow Leverage Edu. Comment below regarding any doubts or suggestions.

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