Explore Movies That Start From V To Add To Your Watchlist

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Movies That Start From V

Remember we used to play a game called Name, place, Animal and Thing when we were kids? It used to be so much fun to top the specifics with the alphabet chosen. Imagine if the similarly is done with our watchlist. How would it be? What I feel is that it would be fun if we chose an alphabet and watched movies or series based on the titles starting with that alphabet. This blog is all about the alphabet V. V is in my view one of the most virtuous of the alphabets. So are you ready for the fun? Let’s watch movies that start from V and make an amazing watchlist for yourself filled with fun and thrill. 

List of movies that start from V

Not all movies are worth a watch and not all movies are worth a miss. Some movies make their ground in a way that their presence in the industry lasts way longer than expected. The below list of movies that start from V, of such titles that have been launched at very different times and years apart and the names of those are still in the top watchlists of viewers. Make sure to add them to your watch list and enjoy the art. 

Village of damned

Movies That Start From V
Credit: Pop cult reviews

The movie Village of damned is a truly thoughtful and thrilling movie. The movie is themed around the genre of paranormal and abnormal activities. The story revolves around a village where people get unconscious for some hours. After the people come back to their senses they find all the women of the reproducing age pregnant abnormally. When the babies are born they are blonde and blue-eyed. Later they find that all these blonde abnormal kids have telepathic abilities and are ruthless. These kids start to control the adults of the village as they grow and make the environment of terror. The movie is amazing to watch if you are looking for something interesting and out of the line.

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V for Vendetta

Movies That Start From V
Credit: V for Vendetta

V for Vendetta is a movie that was released in 2005. A revolutionised freedom fighter who fights all the oppressive government system. In the mission of this fight, the girl he rescued becomes his companion and helps him throughout. The film explores the theme of revolution, the injustice in the governmental system and the fight for freedom. The movie has an excellent sequence of events, performance and brilliant portrayal of events. It is worth one or multiple time-watch movies that can be added to your list.

Valentines day 

Movies That Start From V
Credit: The Economic Times 

Looking for a sweet romantic retreat? Here’s for you! Valentine’s Day is a romantic comedy movie shot in Los Angeles. The story is complex and a mix of so many multiple daughter stories. Reed a florist gets dumped by his girlfriend but instead of crying over his breakup, he falls in love with another girl who is already in love with somebody else. A soldier gets attracted to a charming passenger and A publicist draws himself to a reporter. A nerd intern fell in love with his coworker and an older couple sought ways to relit their relationship. The story involves all the people mentioned and their individual stories. The movie explores the topic of love, heartbreak, commitment, self-discovery and new beginnings. The story is an epic showcase of love stories and comedy making it a very interesting watch. 

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Movies That Start From V
Credit: The Hollywood Outsider 

Some movies are so good that they make their shining presence last for ages! One of them is Vertigo.

The movie has an incredible story making it a classic of the genre. Scottie a former detective was hired by a friend to deal with the possessed wife Maddie. Scotty had a fear of heights. In the process, he becomes mesmerised by the girl and falls for her. The twists take place when he discovers himself in mid of the fears and reality of the situation which is far more scary than he expected. This leaves him heartbroken and vague. The themes that the movie explores are obsession and perception. It movie is a classic combination of the perfect acting skills, visuals and a good storyline. The movie definitely is worth watching if you are interested in the genre of thriller that will keep you hooked.   

Vampire boys 

Movies That Start From V
Credit: Vampire.com 

Love can come to you in any way, any time and anywhere. It can be pleasant as well as terrifying. There is no right place to discover love or stories. An example of this is this movie.

Vampire Boys is a film that explores the theme of finding love in unexpected places. Defying tradition and struggle between mortality and desires. The movie was one of the initial movies that touched on the topic of LGBTQ angles. The story is about Jasin a vampire who leads a coven and is faced with some crisis. He has to find a human that can turn immortal due to the special powers and be their coworker, if he fails to find this special human both he and his coven will die. He chooses Caleb for the mission who is a college student. Jasin after once falling in love with Caleb, finds it difficult to cover up his reality and is struck between the misery of love and reality. 

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