Unleashing Amazing Movies That Start From X

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Movies That Start From X

People have several hobbies that they pursue in their free time to enjoy the little parts of their day in a very personal way, and why not? After we all work hard each day doing a lot of things like studying, going to college, going to work, working at home and in many other ways that can not even be counted! So, we definitely require a few hours a day that can only give us the refreshment we need so that the routine can be followed without exhaustion. We are going to talk about one particular habit of watching movies in this blog. Some people are enthusiasts of movies and for such people, here is a blog on movies that start from X to make a separate section in their watch-lits.  

List Of Movies That Start From X To Make Your Wish List Perfect

Are you ready to enjoy your movie time? Here are some very needed movies that start from X that can not only be added to your watchlist but be remembered as well:

X+Y (2014)

Movies That Start From X
Credit: Pioneer Press

Were you one of the toppers of the class? The brightest one? Or were you the last bencher who hardly cared about the studies? Whichever type you may be, some moments can be related by each one of the students in their journey of student life. Here is a perfect movie that will be related and will help you understand the concept of friendship, growth and love.

This is a British drama film which tells the story of a young boy named Nathan Ellis who has autism and has a very good understanding of mathematics. Nathan struggles with his inability to interact with people.

The story explores as Nathan walks through his difficulties of adolescence, his inability to connect with people and his drowned relationship with his widowed mother named Julie. Despite his social inabilities his phenomenal mathematics skills drew his maths teacher’s attention who encouraged him to take part in the International Mathematics Olympiad(IMO).

While preparing for the IMO Nathan made good connections with the British math team members which included his teammate Zhang Me. In this journey, Nathan learns about friendship, love and acceptance overcoming his darkest fears

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Movies That Start From X
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There is hardly anyone who is not a fan of Marvel. Any thing related to marvel or the kind is has always been entertaining and fun to watch, this is for the marvel fans. 

This is an American superhero film based on Marvel comic superhero team created by Stan Lee. The film starts with a world where a very small number of humans in the population are mutants, with exceptional abilities. These mutants are not equally treated and are discriminated against in society. The story highlights two mutants, Professor Charles Xavier and Magneto who have opposite views about how to react to humans. Professor trains mutants and teaches them to control their power and use them for the well-being of humans. He believed in living peacefully with humans. On the other hand, Magneto was totally opposite and believed in the dominance and superiority of mutants to humans.


Movies That Start From X
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Planning a trip with your friends? Sure do, but before going just have a watch at this movie and adjust your plans accordingly!

This is a Japanese Horror film which tells about a group of students who plan a trip to camp in a remote village. But the story turns when they find out that the place is cursed and has some paranormal presence.

As the group Rome around the village, they found a shire which was dedicated to a spirit known as Black Which. It was said that one who walks the path of. Black witches will be cursed and have a horrifying future. Soon, the group finds themselves in trouble and they are one by one hunted down by the spirit The film joins the elements of paranormal horror with traditional Japanese folklore which includes themes of revenge, betrayal and the outcomes of sins done in the past. As the friends confront their own sins they find a way to get free from the curse.

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Movies That Start From X
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No doubt at one point of time in life we have always been at a stage where we decided to become an investigative agent or someone who could solve some real action cases and interesting conspiracy theories.

This is an American science fiction thriller which is based on a famous TV series of the same name. The story starts with FBI agents Fox and Dana who are investigating a bombing attack in the federal building in Dallas, Texas. While they are investigating they find out a conspiracy that involved a deadly virus which the government covered up. As the agents dive deep into the case they face various difficulties including distrust from their seniors and threats from the secret organisation Syndicate.


Movies That Start From X
Credit: Rotten Tomatoes

You do anything in life, even if you become the most successful one around, there still be some people who will criticise your work. One such story of criticism, hard work and success is X-Large.

It is an Egyptian comedy-drama film whose story follows a young man, Hany who has a dream of becoming a successful and famous fashion designer.

On the journey to pursue his dream of becoming a fashion designer, Hansy faced various obstacles including scepticism and criticism from the people around him. But despite all these difficulties Hany kept on working hard and hard to pursue his dream. On this journey, Hany made friends, fell in love and fought with his setbacks be it personal or professional.


Movies That Start From X
Credit: Vital Pasquale 

This movie is a story of struggle. The struggle of two people for the greater good and the story that will leave you highly inspired and motivated.

It is a Brazilian drama film which is based on the true story of three brothers-Orlando, Claudio, and Leonardo who were Brazilian wanderlusts and fought for the rights of indigenous people in Brazil mostly in the Amazon Rain Forest. The film follows the brothers as they plan to explore and map the river Xingu River region in the Amazon Rain Forest. On the journey, they met various tribes who were affected by the colonisation and industrialisation in their region. The brothers then plan for the establishment of Xingu National Park to make a safer area for the natives. Their efforts were mainly focused on bridging the gap between the modern world and indigenous tribes.

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This was the amazing list of movies that start from X that you may have found interesting. To read more of such interesting blogs on informative and entertaining topics, follow Infotainment Archives and to learn about studying abroad, follow Leverage Edu. Comment below regarding any doubts or suggestions.

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