Most Popular Bollywood Movies That Start From S

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Movies That Start From S

We watch some movies because they are “our types”, some because they are “recommended” and some just in the hype of “being popular” so that we are on the same track as all the other people around us. Do not deny the fact that you have never watched a film under peer pressure. And some of those movies that are highly watched sometimes are really so good that they become a must-watch from the industry. This blog is related to something similar. We have made a list of the most watched and popular movies that start from S for you to have a carefree watchlist with the best in your bucket. 

Bollywood movies that start from S

Bollywood has never failed to give us the best of some blockbusters from all genres. Here is a list of movies that start from S, each from a different genre that will still be an interesting watch even if it is out of your bucket. 


Movies That Start From S
Credit: Our Vadodara

You can only be a Bollywood fan if you have watched the movie Sholey. The movie explores the theme of fictional fun robbery. The movie is an all-time hit and if by chance you have missed it, then this is your chance.

The movie revolves around the story of Gabbra the robber and Thakur the officer. There are two more thieves Jia and Veeru. The officer gets the robber and thieves caught. When the robber gets released from jail, he gets the officer’s family killed and chops his hands off. The officers despite being disabled now still try to take revenge on the robber with the help of thieves and a strong plan. To see how the story ends you will have to watch the movie and see the amazing classic of Bollywood with your own eyes. 

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Movies That Start From S
Credit: India and its perfect imperfections 

For all the people who are living abroad, do you think your life there and here in India is the same? Or do you find any differences? Let’s see a story of a successful scientist who used to live in the US. 

Mohan Bhargava is an Indian scientist who lives in the US and works on a project for NASA. He comes back to India to take his grandmother back with him. When he comes back to his village he encounters the normal life that all the people in his village are living in. The village lacks even the basic resources like electricity and water. He meets a lady who is actively working for the welfare of the village. He then seeing all of it leaves his successful career behind and stays back in his village to improve the conditions for everybody through his knowledge and skills. 


Movies That Start From S
Credit: The Indian Express

Respect is the right of every individual born on this planet. Feminism has gained the trend in the last few years. The women have been fighting for their equal rights not recently but for a very long time. Many women have died without getting the respect and equality they deserved which led to a lot of issues. This movie is a comic horror movie that explores the theme of the importance of respect and the desire for equality in women. The movie beautifully tackles the current issues. It was a classic hit and was loved by a large number of people. It is a recommended movie which will help you understand the problems of society in a very chill and even horror way. 


Movies That Start From S
Credit: Zee Business

Have you ever been in a situation where you were struck with some problem which you were not even a part of? Similar happens with a lot of people. Sanjo is a biopic on the life of Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt.  

The movie shows the life struggles of the actor. The man was arrested for the charges of the illegal possession of the weapon and this also was connected with the bombing in Bombay. The movie shows the success of the man despite a lot of trouble life throws at him. The movie not only shows his life but also explores the theme of the relationship of his parents, the importance of bonding, the importance of trust and correct investigation and the need to be careful when dealing with something that can prove harmful for you. His story is truly inspiring and loved by all his fans. 

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Movies That Start From S
Credit: SonyLIV

Satya is a cult classic Hindi movie. The protagonist is a South Indian who had come to Mumbai for his career and ends up in jail due to some misunderstanding which proves him to be a part of a fight. Being in jail he meets a gangster who is very powerful and influential. After getting released from jail the man enters a group of influential gangsters and becomes a part of the gangster underworld of ruthlessness and terror. The movie critically explains the themes like justice, humanity, choices and the consequences. The movie is a must-watch for all to know the importance of being on the right path despite troubles.


Movies That Start From S

Have you ever wondered how your life would be if someone controlled you? 

Shaitan is a recently released movie that has come up with a very fresh topic in the industry. Black magic is a very rarely spoken topic and there are hardly any movies on it. People believe that this type of movie is highly needed in society to spread awareness about the topic. The story revolves around a guy who hypnotises people to get them into his control and make them do the things he wants starting by separating from their family and ending with them killing themselves as a sacrifice so that he can rule the world with his powers. The movie is a classic thriller and will keep you tied to your seat till the end. 

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