🌍 World Radiography Day 2023: Discovery of X-rays and their Importance

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World Radiography Day

World Radiography Day is annually observed on 8th November to celebrate and appreciate the work of professionals who contributed to the healthcare sector using radiography. The theme for World Radiography Day 2023 is ‘Healthcare Heroes’ who have played a crucial role in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. X-rays were discovered by WC Rontgen, which later gave birth to radiology. For his discovery of X-rays, Rontgen was awarded the first Noble Prize for Physics in 1901.

The International Society of Radiographers and Radiological Technologists is the governing body responsible for the events and promotion of World Radiography Day (WRD) since its inception in 2007. Let’s explore more about this global event.

EventWorld Radiography Day 2023 (WRD)
Date8th November
Organising BodyInternational Society of Radiographers and Radiological Technologists
ThemeHealthcare heroes
ObjectiveRaise public awareness of radiographic imaging and therapy

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What is Radiography?

Radiography is an imaging technique where X-rays, gamma rays and other similar rays are used to study the internal structure of an individual or an object. Radiography is mostly used in diagnosing and treating injuries. While using this technique, a controlled amount of radiation is passed through an object, which produces an image on a digital screen. 

Radiography allows healthcare professionals to identify and assess an individual’s internal injuries, fractures and any other injuries affecting the internal organs. 

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Discovery of X-rays

X-rays were discovered by Wilhelm Conrad (WC) Röntgen in 1895 when he was studying the properties of a new type of radiation to assess notable thick screens. These radiations were named X-rays because their nature was unknown. This discovery soon spread to different parts of the world which aroused the interest of science professionals.

In 1896, physicians and physicists started using X-rays on patients to examine their bone structure and other internal organs. These tests gave birth to radiology, which later became an idea to use X-rays against different lesions. In 1897, 

JJ Thomspon was the first person who showed that X-rays were able to ionise gas, which led to the discovery of electrons. 

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World Radiography Day 2023 Theme

The World Radiography Day 2023 theme is ‘Healthcare Heros,’ which played a pivotal role in using radiography in the healthcare industry. In India, the Radiographers Association of Madhya Pradesh has been observing this day since 1996, and the theme was raised by Mr Shivakant Vajpai, Secretory of MP Radiographers Association.

Importance of X-rays

The importance of X-rays can be seen in fields such as research and development and the healthcare industry. X-rays are not visible to the naked eye, allowing them to pass through objects and give us an image of an individual’s internal structures. Below we have mentioned some reasons which highlight the importance of X-rays:

  • R-rays are used in producing images of internal organs, like bones, lungs, etc. allowing medical professionals to identify injuries or study the human body.
  • The image produced by X-rays is a negative image which means the more solid a structure is, the whiter it appears on the digital screen or film.
  • X-rays can be helpful in identifying early signs of any disease or abnormality, allowing for timely interventions and treatment plans.
  • X-rays also help in identifying early birth defects in pregnant women.
  • Students involved in medical research are also taught about X-rays and how they help in studying the human body’s anatomy and pathology in more detail.

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Q1. Who discovered X-rays?

A1. X-rays were discovered by WC Rontgen in 1895 when he was studying the properties of a new type of radiation which was capable of going through thick screens.

Q2. What is radiography?

A2. Radiography is the study of image techniques using X-rays, gamma rays, and other similar radiations to view the internal structure of an object.

Q3. When do we observe World Radiography Day?

A3. World Radiography Day is annually observed on 8th November all over the world to celebrate and appreciate the hard work of professionals who contributed to the healthcare sector using radiography.

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