Christmas Decoration Ideas for School

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Christmas Decoration Ideas for School

Since Christmas is just a few days away, you might be looking for amazing Christmas class and board decoration ideas for school. Are store-bought decorations the best or is it time to engage your students in fun co-curricular activities and craft some amazing DIY decorations this season for their happiness? But where to get started? What are some ideas to consider? Lucky for you, this blog is all about decorating your classroom using fun Christmas decorations such as a balloon Santa, paper wreaths, pine cone swans, and whatnot. Let’s get started with the merry ideas. 

10+ Christmas Decoration Ideas for School

Finding the perfect Christmas decorations for your classroom can be a challenging task especially if you are dealing with young children. But worry not. In this article, you will find 10+ amazing DIY decorations that are not only easy to make but also a fun activity to keep your students involved.

Balloon Santa decoration

Making a Santa using balloons and paper can be a fun activity for young children. It is a simple yet creative way to add a unique decoration to your classroom and celebrate the spirit of Christmas. All you have to use red paper to make the cap of your Santa, black paper for eyes, and white paper to add a beard to the balloon.

Christmas Decoration Ideas for School
Image Source: The Joy of Sharing

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Twig Ornaments 

Twigs can be easily found especially during the time of Christmas. How about turning them into something fun and useful to jazz up your classroom? You can bring plenty of twigs to school or ask your students to collect them over the month. Next, colorful threads and paper cutouts can be used to make different shapes such as snowflakes, stars, small trees, and more. 

Christmas Decoration Ideas for School
Image source: Diy & Crafts

Bottle Snowman

If you want to make the best out of waste, what about making a snowman using old plastic bottles? You can either hang them on the windows using thread or keep them on the student’s table. Moreover, you can fill the bottle with cotton or paint them using white paint. Moreover, you can add a red scarf, black eyes, orange nose using waste paper. 

Christmas Decoration Ideas for School
Image Source: Girl of Curiosity

Paper Reindeer 

Another fun Christman decoration idea for school is to make a paper reindeer. It is a fun and creative project that can be done using just a few easily available materials. You can either paste the reindeer on your walls or hang them using a thread.

Christmas Decoration Ideas for School
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Egg Carton Christmas Tree

Did you know that you can make a Christmas tree out of an old egg carton? It is a great way to recycle and engage your students with easy-to-make DIY stuff. All you need is an egg carton, some green, brown, and white paint, glue, some white beads to make snow, and a star to add at the top. 

Christmas Decoration Ideas for School
Image Source: Daycare Answers

Paper Garland 

You can either cut paper into different shapes such as leaves and flowers or ask your students to do so. Next, a thread can be used to make eco-friendly garlands which not only bring color to plain classrooms but also make it look more Christmas-appropriate. 

Image Source: Stubbornly Crafty
Source: Preppy Kitchen

Paper Snowman 

If you want to decorate the doors of your classroom with something minimalistic yet beautiful, you can go with a large paper snowman. Simply cut out three circles out of white paper, use a triangle made from orange paper to make the nose, add two eyes using black paper, and that’s it. Here you have your eco-friendly snowman. To take things one level up, you can add a paper hat and an old scarf to accessorize your snowman. 

Image Source: Simple Everyday Mom


You can also involve your students in a wreath-making activity where they can use supplies such as fake flowers, leaves, twigs, and Christmas ornaments to make a DIY wreath for the door of the classroom. The best part about this activity among other Christmas decoration ideas for school is that it can foster teamwork and collaboration among students on this joyous occasion. 

Christmas Decoration Ideas for School
Image Source: A Beautiful Mess

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Stocking decorations 

Students can bring their favorite stockings and embellishments to school and create fun stocking decorations. For the decoration part, materials such as ribbons, pom poms, paper cut-outs, stickers, and other miniature Christmas ornaments can be used. Once everything is completely dry, students can take their stockings home.

Christmas Decoration Ideas for School
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Mini Canvas Ornament 

Using mini canvases as ornaments for your Christmas tree can help students explore their creative side and take a break from academics. They can use different paint colors and techniques to create mini masterpieces and attach a thread to hang them on the Christmas tree. Additionally, they can also take their canvases home and gift them to their parents, friends, and family members. 

Image Source: I Dig Pinterest

Popsicle snowflakes 

Did you know that you can use popsicle sticks to create snowflakes of different colors and sizes? They are not only easy to make but also a quick activity to keep your students engaged. Also, they are among the most famous Christmas decoration ideas for school. All you have to do is help them arrange different popsicle sticks in the X position and use a thread or glue to stick them together. Next, apply glue on all sticks and sprinkle glitter to make them more attractive. Once they are dry, attach a thread and hang them on the Christmas tree. 

Christmas Decoration Ideas for School
Image Source: The Best Ideas for Kids

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Pine Cone Swan Ornament 

Another amazing Christmas decoration idea for classrooms is making pine cone swan ornaments. As the name suggests, all you have to do is help your students paint their pine cones white and attach a white pipe cleaner to make their necks. Additionally, you can also use a ribbon to make the bow of your swans. 

Christmas Decoration Ideas for School
Image Source: Krokotak

Santa Calendar

Calendars are an essential element of every classroom. They can be used to track upcoming important events or simply amp up the plain walls. If you are dividing your students into groups, you can assign this activity to one of them. Simply cut a beard of white paper, and a Santa hat from red paper, and use markers to make eyes nose, and rosy cheeks. Give this template to your students and ask them to write days and dates on the beard. 

Image Source: In the Bag Kid’s Crafts

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How to decorate for Christmas in school?

To decorate your school and classrooms on Christmas, you can use a bunch of different ideas. For instance, you can make a paper Santa Claus, paper garlands, DIY wreath, paper reindeer, etc.

How do you make Christmas special for kids?

To make Christmas a special occasion for kids, you can use different creative ideas. For instance, you can ask kids to dress up as elves, dress up as Santa Claus, build snowmen, bake cookies, and do other such stuff.

How can we celebrate Christmas at school?

To celebrate Christmas at school, you can ask students to bring baked cookies, organize poster-making competition, engage in DIY activities, write letters to Santa, etc.

This blog was all about Christmas decoration ideas for school. For more information about such informative articles, check the trending events page of Leverage Edu.

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