UX Design Certification Programs: Online Providers, Career Opportunities and Average Salary

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UX Design Programs

The UX Design Certification Program is designed to assist students in learning the foundational ideas of visual art as well as the practical applications of these ideas. This program will concentrate on topics including mixed media, digital media, illustration, and UX design. Aesthetic theory, design fundamentals, and art history may also be included. 


Students are also given the skills necessary to construct navigation and structural maps, as well as seamless interactions, for use in digital applications, preparing them for careers in graphic design, UI/UX design, and web / mobile app development.

Learn the fundamental aspects of UX Design Certification Programs in this course!

Course Duration6 to 12 months
Mode of ConductOnline/Offline
Top RecruitersCognizant, Apple, Google, Accenture, Microsoft, Infosys
Job ProfilesUX Strategists, Information Architects and UX Researchers
Average SalaryINR 3,20,000 to INR 16,55,000

What is the UX Design Certification Program?

The UX Design Certification Program is designed to provide students with Design Thinking, Interaction Designs, Wireframing, and Guerrilla testing. Furthermore, it provides rewarding and challenging career opportunities.

The UX Design Certification Program also promotes a lively atmosphere for examining numerous design elements, enabling experts to create digital experiences that are centred around users. The course is appropriate for graduate and postgraduate students from any background as well as professionals who want to enhance their knowledge of visual design and user experiences, such as designers, animators, UI and UX developers, and researchers. Learn more about them by reading the UX Design Certification Program content below.

Why UX Design Certification Programs?

Due to its crucial role in product creation, UX design is used by all businesses that make products, including those that create websites, mobile apps, video games, and software. Additionally, UX design is a big area of investment for all top businesses in the market.

  • The programme offers a rigorous vocational path into UX design.
  • Create a unique portfolio of projects for your use and research.
  • Gain more self-assurance in your design judgement and decision-making abilities.
  • The course offers a wide variety of media outputs, including digital, print, traditional print, and spatial design.
  • The training also encourages individual ambition in fields including branding, cross-media, publication design, data visualisation, and exhibition design.

Benefits of Pursuing UX Design Certification Program

Participants gain various advantages by enrolling in the UX Design Certification Program. They learn more about user experience and graphic design. They can apply their lessons learned to create a user-centric experience thanks to it. In addition to engaging masterclass lectures by well-known academic and business leaders, the UX Design Certification Program benefits also include workshops, campus visits, hands-on digital laboratories, and a certificate.

Eligibility Criteria for the UX Design Certification Program 

In order to pursue UX Design Certification Program candidates must have the below-mentioned eligibility requirements:

  • Candidates who have successfully finished their 10+2 from an accredited board are eligible to pursue a UG degree in UI/UX.
  • Applicants for admission to the UI/UX programme may come from any of the following streams: science, commerce, or the arts.

Documents Required

In order to apply abroad, you have to be ready with the aforementioned documents listed below:

Global Universities 

Some of the popular universities offering UX Design Certification Program related courses are mentioned below:

University NameCourse NameCourse FeeQS World Ranking 2023
Berkeley GlobalProfessional Certificate Program in UX and UI$ 6,553
(INR 5.3 lakh)
Parsons School of Design, The New SchoolInfographics and Data Visualisation Certificate$ 3,420
(INR 2.8 lakh)
Fanshawe CollegeGraduate Certificate in Visual Effects and Editing for Contemporary Media$ 13,213
(INR 10.8 lakh)
Humber College and Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning3D Modeling and Visual Effects Production$ 10,638
(INR 8.6 lakh)
University of California Santa Cruz Silicon Valley ExtensionUser Experience and Web Design$ 15,350
(INR 12.5 lakh)

Online UX Design Certification Programs

Mentioned below are the online UX Design Certification Programs.

Course NameCourse Duration Course Fee
Career Foundry UX Design Program5 to 10 months$ 7,505 to $ 7,900
(INR 6.1 lakh to INR 6.4 lakh)
Global UX Design Certificate6 months$468 (INR 38,149)
Springboard UX Career Track6 months$7,900 to $14,500
(INR 6.4 lakh to INR 11.8 lakh)
Designlab UX Academy4 to 12 months$7,249 to $9,677
(INR 5.9 lakh to INR 7.8 lakh)
General Assembly UX Design Immersive12 weeks$15,950 (INR 13,00,172)

What Will Students Discover?

Students after completing the UX Design Certification Program will be able to:

  • Build a user-friendly digital experience by grasping better knowledge of user experience.
  • Recognize several design facets and fundamentals.
  • Learn the fundamentals of design methodologies to get an overview of design principles and the design process.
  • Create a film to improve your digital storytelling skills and gain an understanding of cinematic language.

Skills Required

Aspirants who want to specialise in UI/UX design must have sufficient technical expertise and attention to detail. Candidates must have the following skill set in order to enrol in a course and go on to succeed in the field of UI/UX design:

Career Prospects

Students who successfully finish these programmes frequently acquire or enhance key technical abilities like sketching or photography, which can be beneficial for both their future employment and hobbies. Programs for visual design can also be an effective technique to enhance creativity and communication abilities. A graphic design credential can be used in a variety of careers. Graduates may find employment as UX Researchers, Information architects, or UX Strategists. They may also look for employment as instructors and art teachers.

Graduates have taken advantage of the course’s chance to further their careers by learning new abilities that they may use in the workplace, such as information visualisation for employment in finance or law or communication skills for advertising or strategy. Or they’ve taken use of the education to completely change their career.


After pursuing a career in the field of visual design students will be benefited from lucrative benefits and rewarding salaries. The average salary ranges from 3,20,000 to 16,55,000. 

Top Recruiters

After completing the UX course, candidates can get employment in numerous industries for a variety of responsibilities. Many firms hire them based on their credentials and areas of expertise. A list of some of the best employment agencies can be seen below.

  • Accenture
  • Infosys
  • Apple
  • Intel 
  • Google
  • Cognizant
  • IBL


What is the average salary of a UX Visual Designer?

The average salary for a UX Visual Designer ranges from 2 Lakh to 15 Lakh.

Who is paid more UI Designers or UX Designers?

The average salary for UX designers ranges from $1,15,743 (INR 94,44,107) to $1,34,395 (INR 1,09,66,027) whereas UI designers are paid around $73,040 (INR 59,59,735) to $1,00,559 (INR 82,05,161).

After Google UX Certificate can we get a job?

Yes, it will definitely provide you with entry-level jobs.

If you are looking to launch your career in the field of UX design or visual design and want to start with the admission or application process, get in touch with our Leverage Edu experts for assistance. Hope this blog provides you with all the important details, For more information about such courses, visit our online courses page.

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