Rebirth of Jesus Christ: Easter 2023

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“Look for Easter eggs”, is something that many cinephiles and movie enthusiasts talk about while watching a particularly interesting theatrical release. Though in terms of media, they usually mean to look out for those “hidden messages” that directors put to generate interest in their piece of art, what is the actual meaning and connection between eggs and the day of celebration? Not only that, we have all heard of Easter bunnies, haven’t we? With Easter 2023 fast approaching, let’s take a look at the meaning including its history, its date change each year and more. Here, in this blog, we provide insights into the same. Read on! 

What is Easter? 

The holiest day in the Christian calendar, Easter represents the resurrection of the lord and saviour Jesus Christ. This observance is the most central and important tenet of the Christian faith. It was on the third day after Jesus Christ’s crucifixion, that the celebration of his resurrection takes place. It also represents the triumph of all goodness in the world over the bad, evil and sin. 

Easter Sunday is a day that marks the end of Lent, the end of the Holy Week. It is the last day of the Easter Triduum. Coming to its name, it is also called ‘Pascha’ which comes from the Hebrew word ‘Pesach’, meaning ‘Passover’. 

History of Easter 

The history can be described into several days that comprise the Holy Week – the last one being Easter Sunday. Let’s go through these days, to understand the range of events leading up to the celebration of the day. 

  1. First comes Palm Sunday which commemorates when Jesus entered Jerusalem. 
  2. Then comes Holy Thursday, the day commemorating the Last Supper. 
  3. Followed by Good Friday, when Jesus was crucified, commemorating the death. 
  4. Finally comes Easter Sunday, three days after Friday, which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus. 

Furthermore, the story behind this day, lies in the Bible. New Testament narrates how Roman authorities arrested Jesus because he claimed to be the ‘Son of God’ and was eventually sentenced to death and crucified. Three days later, his resurrection is the day when Easter is marked. 

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Determining Easter Date Each Year 

Did you know that the date of Easter changes every year? Though the time bracket always remains between March 22 and April 25, according to the Gregorian calendar, one can always trace the celebration after Paschal Full Moon (after the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere) on the first Sunday. It basically depends on the occurrence of the full moon after the vernal equinox. 

Easter 2023 

This year, in 2023, the vernal equinox was on March 20, 2023. Following that the day of the first full moon is on April 6. According to the determination of the date of the occasion, the next first Sunday after the full moon is April 9, 2023 – which is the date for the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus in 2023. 

This year, the days leading up to the occasion started in February itself. Note the important associated days, including that of Holy Week, below. 

Date Event 
February 22, 2023 Ash Wednesday (Beginning of Lent)
April 2, 2o23 Palm Sunday 
April 5, 2023 Holy Wednesday 
April 6, 2023 Holy Thursday (Last Supper)
April 7, 2023 Good Friday (the crucifixion of Jesus Christ)
April 9, 2023 Easter Sunday (resurrection of Jesus Christ)

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How is it Celebrated? 

Some of the common and most prominent ways to celebrate it are mentioned below. 

  1. Easter Vigil, a religious service, is celebrated through the late hours of Saturday in churches. 
  2. Coloured eggs that are brightly painted are shared as common gifts among each other. They are often filled with chocolate.  
  3. Splurging on the that particular occasion’s weekend is often associated with celebrations of the occasion 
  4. Treasure hunts are organised to search for eggs.
  5. Egg rolling and egg decorating are other games that are played on this day. 

The egg traditions can be identified with fertility and birth, whereas the bunnies deliver those chocolates to kids on the morning of the occasion. Many non-religious people can also actively participate and celebrate this day.

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Fun Easter Trivia 

Get to know some Trivia Facts!



When is Easter? 

Easter 2023 is celebrated on April 9, 2023, on Sunday. 

Why do we eat chocolate eggs on Easter? 

Chocolate eggs are a symbol of birth and fertility and a representation of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

What are Easter customs? 

Some of the common games or customs to participate in on Easter are egg tapping, egg decorating, egg rolling, etc. 

That was all about Easter, the day of the resurrection of Jesus Christ! For more such interesting and informative blogs, stay tuned to Wings by Leverage Edu. 

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