🎊How to Celebrate Thanksgiving while Studying Abroad?

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How to Celebrate Thanksgiving while Studying Abroad

Studying Abroad is a lifetime experience and you can enjoy many other things during your stay in foreign land. Students can learn about different cultures and participate in their National celebrations. One of the main events celebrated in the United States and Canada and various other countries of the world is Thanksgiving. In the United States, Thanksgiving is not just about spending holidays with your loved ones but it has significance and is more about showing some gratitude for all that we have. Here are some tips on how to celebrate Thanksgiving while Studying Abroad!

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5 Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving While Studying Abroad

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Students from different countries visit the US for higher studies. If you are also one of those students and wondering about how to celebrate Thanksgiving while Studying Abroad then, explore this article and enjoy celebrating and exploring a new culture while studying abroad. Here are some tips to celebrate Thanksgiving in Abroad:

No.1 Celebrate With Cultural Groups

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You can celebrate Thanksgiving with corporate or cultural groups. There are various organizers who promote the relationship between students coming from different countries. You can become a member of such a group as a student or a volunteer and enjoy celebrating Thanksgiving with students belonging to different cultures.

No.2 Celebrate With University Students and Teachers 

Thanksgiving Celebration at University
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The other best way to celebrate Thanksgiving is to celebrate with US students and Academics. Try to build connections and expand your network at the college or university you are studying in and celebrate with your friends and teachers at the college or university.

No. 3 Visit a Restaurant for Authentic Thanksgiving Food 

how to celebrate thanksgiving while studying abroad
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Find a local restaurant that specializes in authentic Thanksgiving food and go on a mini dinner night with your close friends and spend some quality time.

No. 4 Host a Potluck

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You can also be a host and invite your friends to your place. Cook a whole turkey, beans, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, etc. You can also host a potluck and ask your guests to bring one dish with them and enjoy different flavours while spending a good time with your friends and family and partying all night to celebrate Thanksgiving. 

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No.5 Get on a Virtual Family Chat

Thanksgiving Day
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You might feel homesick during the Thanksgiving. But you can plan a conference call or a video chat with your family and friends and share stories of how you experienced this festival while studying abroad. Tell them about the American culture of celebrating Thanksgiving. 

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Some Other Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving While Studying Abroad

Here are some other ways to celebrate Thanksgiving:

  1. Plan a Movie Night
  2. Witness the Thanksgiving Parade
  3. Share your culture with your friends
  4. Seek Volunteer Opportunities
  5. Decorate your place according to the theme

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What is the best way to celebrate Thanksgiving?

The best way to celebrate Thanksgiving is to either host a feast or attend a dinner and have good food and quality time with your family and friends.

Which countries celebrate Thanksgiving?

Countries that celebrate Thanksgiving are the United States, Canada, Saint Lucia, Grenada, Brazil and, the Philippines.

What do Americans do on Thanksgiving?

Americans organize a Parade, do shopping, decorate their house, bake pumpkin pies, cook a whole turkey for dinner, and invite family and friends to celebrate together and show gratitude and thanks God for the good harvest in the autumn season. 

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