Christmas Day: Date, History, Traditions, Significance, and Facts

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Christmas Day

Christmas is a Christian festival celebrated worldwide with surprises and joy. Christmas is celebrated on 25 December every year and we all wait for this festive season. 25 December is celebrated as Christmas because Christians believe that on this day Jesus Christ was born. He was a spiritual leader who taught the world about mercy. Christmas means the “Mass of Christ”. It is a federal holiday since 1870 in the United Nations. If you want to know about the history, customs and traditions behind the Christmas Day celebration then continue reading this blog!

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Christmas Day 2023

Christmas Day is celebrated on 25 December 2023. It is the best time of the year because everybody is full of joy and happiness. People visit Chruch for prayers, read the bible, exchange gifts, decorate Christmas trees, enjoy peaceful evenings with friends and family and have dinner together. Christmas is a federal holiday all over the world. Christians and non-Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and play Secret Santa.

History of Christmas Day


Christmas is celebrated in the middle of the winter. Many people celebrate solstice which is celebrated on 22 December, when they could finally look forward to longer days and more sunlight. After the solstice arrives the most awaited festival of the year Christmas is celebrated on 25 December. 

Christmas Day is a day of Joy, Hope, and Love. It is a special day to spend time with our loved ones. People exchange gifts with each other. History reveals that Christmas started back during Roman times when the ancient Roman holiday of Saturnalia was held in honour of the God of Saturn.

In the 4th Century AD, Constantine I, the Roman Emperor declared 25 December as the official birthday of Jesus Christ and since then people celebrated it as Christmas. Later in the 19th century Christmas Day became a secular holiday and people of all religions (Christian and non-Christian) followed the traditions of Christmas. 

Christmas Traditions Around the World

Here are Christmas traditions:

  • Midnight mass and Church services: From a religious point of view Christians follow the tradition of beginning the Christmas celebration with a solemn. So they do midnight mass or early morning church services. People collectively pray and feel the joy of Christ’s birth. 
  • Plays are also conducted in Churches, schools, and other institutions depicting the birth of Jesus Christ and the journey of Mother Mary and Joseph.
  • Carolling is another religion of Christmas in which people share happiness through melodious classic carols.
  • Exchanging gifts is also a tradition followed on Christmas and it was started because the Magi offered gold, frankincense, and myrrh to baby Jesus. 
  • People decorate Christmas trees and their homes turning everything glittery. Every place seems like a wonderland on Christmas twinkling with fairy lights and shining like stars.
  • Secret Santa is also played on Christmas in which people can surprise their friends and family with gifts.
  • Baking cakes and cookies, watching movies, enjoying Christmas music, and building a snowman are some of the other traditions that people follow on Christmas.
  • Christmas is also about following the teachings of Jesus Christ. So, on this day many people donate to a charity to help the needy.


Christmas holds great significance for the believers of Christianity. It is not just about having fun and exchanging gifts. It is a joyous celebration as this day marks the birth of Jesus Christ. Families unite on Christmas and decorate the Christmas tree. This festival fosters a sense of generosity and shared goodwill.

Christmas is also about personal reflection as it is celebrated at the end of the year, we bid farewell to the past and welcome the New Year with hopes and resolutions. 

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5 Facts about Christmas

Here are 10 Facts about Christmas Day:

  1. Did you know Russia, Ukraine, and Romania celebrate Christmas on 7 January!
  2. Jingle Bell is the first song played in the space.
  3. The Bible doesn’t mention that Jesus’ birth is on 25 December, it was chosen to coincide with winter solstice celebrations.
  4. Ukrainians believe that spider web bring good luck on Christmas.
  5. The j-shape of candy canes is not just a candy it represents Jesus’ shepherd’s crook. The red stripes represent his blood shed for humanity whereas the white stripes are the symbol of his purity.

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What is Christmas celebrated for?

It is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ.

What day is Christmas in the world?

The entire world celebrates Christmas on 25 December every year. People exchange gifts, do prayers, decorate Xmas trees, spend family time together, and make sweet memories.

What is India’s Christmas Day?

In India, Christmas Day is on 25 December. It also known as Nativity, Noel or Nowell, Midwinter, Geola, Natiuiteo is celebrated to commemorate the nativity of Jesus Christ and the birth of Jesus.

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