8 Fun and Exciting New Year Activities for Students 

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8 Fun and Exciting New Year Activities for Students

New Year is the most exciting time of the year because it is the beginning of the year when people celebrate the new beginning of their life. New Year is celebrated on 1 January, the festivities are marked with fireworks, bells, dancing, playing, and having fun at the New Year part. New Year starts at midnight on New Year’s Eve. Students can have a lot of fun at New Year. Teachers or parents can plan some fun and exciting New Year activities for students so that they can enjoy and learn at the same time. This blog covers some engaging new year activities for students!

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Top 8 New Year Activities for Students

Celebrate this New Year with arts, science, and projects with your friends in school. You can make groups to design projects for the New Year. the students of primary and secondary classes enjoy planning the New Year. So, here are some fun and engaging classroom activities for students to enjoy this New Year.

1. New Year Calendar Craft

Teachers can encourage students to create a New Year Calendar. This activity would help them learn about the structure of the year and various other components of the year such as seasons, and important days of the year. This activity improves the creative skills of the students and helps them learn at the same time.

Classroom New Year activities for students
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2. Make My Hopes and Wishes Jar

Plan a classroom activity in which students had to draw a jar and fill it with hopes and wishes that they aspire to attain in the upcoming year. The beautiful jars filled with student’s unpredictable hopes and wishes can be used to decorate the school bulletin board. 

Source: Teach Starter

3. Organize Drop the Ball

Drop the Ball is a tradition followed at the Time Square since 1907. According to this tradition, the crowd gathers at Times Square to watch the ball drop through a pulley on New Year’s Eve exactly at 11:59 PM to announce the New Year. 

Likewise, students can design the ball and pulley to stage a ball drop. Students can use decorative items such as stars, crystals, glitters, colours, flowers, and much more to decorate the ball and attach it to the pulley using a rope and perform the ball drop tradition to have fun at school.

Source: Pinterest

4. New Year Party Hat Decoration

Organize a competition for funky hat decoration. No party is complete without a party hat. So, teachers and moderators can organize a New Year party hat decoration competition for students. They can use their creativity to design and decorate quirky hats for the New Year Celebration. 

Engaging New Year activities for students
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5. New Year Greeting Cards

Engage students in making greeting cards for their family and friends at school. Provide them specific colour or theme to make the best out of their imagination. Giving a greeting card to your loved ones is the best way to wish them on a special occasion. Handmade greeting cards are special for everyone. So, students can opt for this engaging yet creative and fun activity for the New Year. 

You can also take reference from the video given below to design a New Year Greeting Card:

Source: Ezyy Hacks

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6. Guess the Resolution Game 

Students can play Guess the Resolution game for the New Year and have fun. You just need to make slips and write down your New Year’s Resolution in it and place all the slips in the fish bowl. Teachers can set the standard guessing time for the students. Pick a slip and guess whose resolution is it in the specified time. 

New Year activities for students
Source: Little Halo J

7. Word Search and Crosswords

It is also a fun game for students. Teachers can design a word search puzzle for students related to the New Year and its traditions so that students can learn about various facts and traditions about the New Year with the help of a game. Students who get the highest score get a gift or award. 

Source: WordMint

8. Fireworks in Jar

Who doesn’t like fireworks? It is the traditional activity on New Year. But it is not safe for students to burst real crackers. So, kids can create fireworks in Jar. Yes, you read it right. Take a jar and fill it with water, add a few drops of oil and drop some colours. You will see amazing results. This is how students can make their fireworks in the jar and celebrate New Year. 

Source: Growing a Jeweled Rose

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How do you celebrate New Year in class?

You can roll a New Year’s story, make noise, drop the ball, play number games, play geoguesser, New Year bingo, play 2 resolutions and a lie, or play New Year crossword, etc.

What to do on New Year’s 2024?

There are various fun activities to do on New Year for kids as well as for adults. You can play games, organize a party, decorate your house, make diy party hats and glasses, spend time with family and friends, follow the tradition of dropping the ball, and have fun.

What is the purpose of the New Year?

The purpose behind the New Year celebration is to look back at the memories you made in the past and make resolutions for self-improvement. According to Gregorian Calendar year ends on 31 December and the New Year starts on 1 January.

That was some fun and exciting New Year Activities for Students. For more such articles, make sure to check the trending events page of Leverage Edu.

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