How to Play Secret Santa in the Office?

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How to Play Secret Santa

Ho Ho Ho! You finally stopped by to learn about the most fun game: Secret Santa! Christmas is all about surprises and having fun. People all around the world follow the tradition of exchanging gifts with each other in families, schools, as well as in offices. But the culture is the surprise of your loved ones secretly. Yes, you need to be someone’s Secret Santa. It is a fun game that will create an ambience full of happiness and joy. Read the article to learn how to play Secret Santa!

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How to Play Secret Santa at Work?

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Secret Santa is a gift exchange game that has become a Christmas tradition. Every workplace waits to play this game the entire year. Christmas, celebrated on 25th December is an annual festival celebrated to commemorate the birthday of Jesus Christ. It is believed that on Christmas Santa Claus visits secretly and distributes gifts. To follow the tradition of gifting, people in offices play the Secret Santa game. 

Wondering about How to play Secret Santa? Here you go, one member of the office prepares a chit, and every employee needs to draw random names to be someone’s Secret Santa. Then, you have to surprise the person with some special gift and Merry Christmas wishes.

Nowadays, Secret Santa is an official game of Christmas. You will receive an e-mail from the company regarding whose Secret Santa you are. Then, you need to get a gift for that employee and submit it at the office and they will place your gift to the designated employee to surprise them with their Secret Santa gift. The gifting process should be done secretly to make it a success. 

After opening their present, employees have to guess who was their Secret Santa. Guessing is also part of this fun game.

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Secret Santa Tradition

How to play Secret Santa
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Everyone sets their own rules to play Secret Santa at Christmas but the idea traced back to the Scandinavian tradition. According to this tradition, you have to knock on someone’s door throw the present inside and run away. It’s also known as Juklapp or Knocking Christmas.

Rules for Secret Santa at Work

Rules for Secret Santa in offices are fixed. Here are the rules that you need to follow while surprising someone on Christmas in office:

  1. Write down the names of employees on a piece of paper.
  2. Set a budget for all.
  3. Then Draw the chit and randomly assign a Secret Santa to each employee.
  4. Plan a specific date for the gift exchange.
  5. Surprise the specified person.
  6. Guess who is your Secret Santa.

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That was all about the Secret Santa game. Hope you liked this blog. Do let us know how you guys celebrated this Christmas in the comment section below. Merry Christmas!

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What are the rules of Secret Santa?

The rules of Secret Santa are:
Make slips and write down the names of all employees in separate slips.
Then, draw out random slips of paper.
You have to secretly surprise the person whose name is on your slip.

How do you make a Secret Santa fun?

There are many ways to make Secret Santa a fun game. You can try making it similar to a treasure hunt game in which the person has to search for a hidden gift from Secret Santa. You can also send your gifts one by one to make someone feel extra special on Christmas.

How to play Secret Santa online?

Choose an online generator like Elfster.
Send Invite to participants.
Set a budget and date.
Generate matches and share wishlists.
Ship gifts or send product links online.
Host a global virtual reveal party.
Guess your Secret Santa.

I hope you get an idea about How to play Secret Santa. For more information about such informative articles, check the trending events page of Leverage Edu.

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