Gaganyaan Mission 2023: ISRO Re-Launches the Gaganyaan Manned Mission in Few Mins

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Gaganyaan Manned Mission

After a technical issue in the Gaganyaan Mission testing, ISRO managed to successfully conduct the flight testing of the Gaganyaan Manned Mission at 10 a.m. IST from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC) – SHAR here in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated ISRO by saying, ‘This launch takes us one step closer to realising India’s first human space flight program, Gaganyaan. My best wishes to our scientists at ISRO.’

Gaganyaan Mission 2023 Re-launched

Source – ISRO (X)

ISRO successfully tested the Gaganyaan manned mission after an anomaly in the system. The launching was initially planned between 8 to 9 a.m. but because of the delay, the test flight was re-launched at 10 a.m. on 21st October 2023.

Gaganyaan manned mission testing was a big success for India, which is planning to deploy its own space station in orbit and the first manned mission to the moon. According to the optimal strategy of this mission, the spacecraft securely landed in the Bay of Bengal.

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The objective of this test flight was to ensure smooth launching and safety of the spacecraft and the crew, which it will carry in the real mission. Gaganyaan Mission will be a 3-crewed spacecraft, in which Indian astronauts will take a short trip to the Low Earth Orbit at a height of 400 km above sea level.

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What is the Gaganyaan Manned Mission?

The Gaganyaan Manned Mission will be the first of its series through which, India is planning to set its own space station in orbit and conduct research for future space explorations.

What is the objective of the Gaganyaan Mission?

The primary objective of the Gaganyaan mission is to carry humans. It will be a 3-day trip, in which a crew will take a short trip up to a height of 400 km and will land safely on the Indian waters.

Will the Gaganyaan Mission carry humans?

The Gaganyaan mission will carry 3 astronauts with it. That is why it will be the first crewed orbital mission of India.

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