Easy Questions for Maths Holiday Homework for Class 8 

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Maths Holiday Homework for Class 8

Holiday homework is a great way to make sure that students remain in constant touch with their studies. A subject like math demands great practice, which can be done via worksheets. Hence, in this blog, we are providing you with interesting math holiday homework for Class 8. The worksheet provided below will help students practice their math concepts. Let us now explore this blog. 

Maths Holiday Homework for Class 8: Worksheet 

Check out the worksheet and questions for Maths Holiday Homework for Class 8 below:

Simplify the following expressions: 

a) 3x+5−2x+7
b) 2(x+3)−5(x−2)
c) 4(2x−3)−2(3x+5) 

Evaluate the expressions for the given values of x 

maths holiday homework questions

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Factorize the following expressions: 

Expand the following expressions: 

a) (x+2)(x−3) 
b) (2x−5)(3x+4) 
c) (3x+1)(3x−1) 

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Solve the following equations for 𝑥 

a) 2x−7=15 
b) 3(x−4)=12 
c) 4x+5=2(x+3) 

Simplify and solve the inequalities: 

a) 2x+3<7 
b) 3x−5>10 
c) 4−2x≤10 


  1. Find the perimeter and area of a rectangle with length
  • 8 units and width 5 units. 

2. Calculate the circumference and area of a circle with radius 

  • 6 units. (Take π as 3.14)

3. Determine the surface area and volume of a cube with a side length of 4 units

4. Given a triangle with sides measuring 7 cm, 10 cm, and 12 cm, determine if it’s a right- angled triangle. If yes, find the area of the triangle

Data Handling 

The ages of students in a class are as follows: 12,13,11,14,12,13,12,14,11,12. Calculate the mean, median, and mode of the ages

A survey was conducted among 50 students about their favourite colours.  The results are as follows

  • 12 students preferred blue, 
  • 8 preferred red, 
  • 10 preferred green, 
  • 15 preferred yellow, and 
  • 5 preferred purple. 

Represent this data using a bar graph

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Fractions and Decimals 

Add the following fractions: 

  • ⅖ + ⅜ 
  • ⅚ = ⅓  

Multiply the following decimals: 

  • 3.25 × 2.5 

Divide the following decimals: 

  • 4.8÷0.2 

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Word Problems: 

maths holiday homework for class 8


Q.1. Which topic is best for the math project in class 8?

Ans: The various types of quadrilaterals are one of the best topics for the class 8 project. 

Q.2. What is the hardest topic in math class 8? 

Ans: Students usually consider algebra the hardest topic in class 8 maths. 

Q.3. Is maths very tough? 

Ans: The toughness of mathematics is subjective to each student. The ones who don’t practice numerical find it difficult, whereas the ones who do practice numerals, find it easy and interesting. 

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