June Holiday List 2024 for Schools: Check Complete List

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June Holiday List 2024

June Holiday List 2024: Unlike February, March, October, November, and December, the sixth month of the calendar year does not have many holidays for school students. Nonetheless, you have 1 holiday this year. In 2024, Bakrid is in the month of June. You can check out the details of this festival in the blog along with the date of the celebration. Also, you can ask your teachers if the school is granting additional holidays to celebrate Bakrid or Ed Al Adah and plan your daily schedule accordingly. 

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June Holiday List 2024 for Schools

Let us proceed with the June Holiday List 2024 by checking out the dates in the following table:

Date | DayName
17 June 2024 | MondayBakrid/Eid Al Adha

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Bakrid/Eid Al Adha

Bakrid or Eid Al Adha is a public holiday in India. This festival falls on the 10th day of  Dhu al-Hijjah, the last month of the Islamic calendar. The festival’s exact date depends on Moon sightings, so it must be predicted in advance. It is a major Muslim festival that marks the culmination of the Hajj Pilgrimage each year. This festival is considered a day of sacrifice and celebration.

On this day, practising Muslims across India attend prayers at Mosque and sacrifice something essential. Thereafter, they have a meal with their family and friends. People also visit their relatives and exchange gifts to celebrate this annual festival. 

The central government of India and most of the state governments in the country declare Bakrid as a public holiday, owing to which many schools, private organisations and government institutions are closed on this day. Schools are closed on Bakrid to facilitate Muslim students and staff to celebrate the holiday.

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