9 Creative Ideas of Holiday Homework for Class 5 Science 

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Holiday Homework for Class 5 Science

Vacation provide students with refreshment time. They finally get to escape the monotonous school schedule and do things that they like, such as their hobbies, watching movies, etc. As much as it is important to play, it is equally important that students don’t lose their touch with studies. One such method to ensure that is holiday homework. Hence, in this blog, we are providing you with 11 creative ideas of holiday homework for class 5 science. These ideas include activities and projects that are not only educational but also fun for the students. To learn more about these ideas, keep reading this blog. 

Holiday Homework for Class 5 Science

Check out the list of some of the most amazing ideas for Holiday Homework for class 5 Science: 

  1. Creating A Journal of Nature 
Holiday Homework for Class 5 Science

Spend time in nature, either in a park or going for a hike or trekking, and observe animals, plants, and natural phenomena. Create sketches, write descriptions, and share your observations. 

  1. Building a Simple Machine 

Using materials that you find in your house, build a simple machine like a pulley, etc. Then demonstrate to the teacher how it works. 

  1. Kitchen Science 

When your mom is making something, observe one of the reactions like boiling tea, etc, and write in a journal the concept behind it. You can also draw diagrams or paste pictures to make it more interesting. 

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  1. Habitat Design 
Holiday Homework for Class 5 Science

Do a little research regarding the different habitats that are present on Earth. Then, using a box, create a model of one habitat of your choice. On a piece of paper, explain the same and mention some of the plants and animals that reside in it. 

  1. Science Blog 

With the help of your brother, sister, or parents, start a blog about science where you can post something interesting about science. It can be facts or anything else like experiments, etc. Write 5 blogs to present to your teacher. 

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  1. Science Art 
Holiday Homework for Class 5 Science

From your science book, choose a topic of your choice, like a solar system, etc., and, using poster colors, create a poster of the same on an A-3 sheet. On the back of the sheet, mention 10 lines on the topic. 

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  1. The Seeds Experiment 

Get a trough pot and fill it with soil. Now, take the seeds of 3 different plants and sow them at equal distances in the pot. Properly take care of them and allow them to grow. Make a chart, writing down the different time intervals and factors that affected the growth of each plant. You can take pictures at regular intervals and create a project book. 

  1. Field Trip 

Visit a museum, zoo, or botanical garden nearby and write a report explaining what you saw there. Paste pictures from your visit too. 

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  1. A Scientific Story 

Write a short story that includes concepts and principles of science. Create small drawings to explain it better. At the school, present it to your class. 


Q.1. How to give creative holiday homework?

Ans: Get creative and develop projects that take students out of their desks, like a scavenger hunt, creating a project, or a field trip to a museum, etc. That way, the holiday homework will become creative.

Q.2. How do I plan my holiday homework?

Ans: The best way to plan your holiday homework is to make a schedule and stick to it. Don’t make the schedule too difficult to follow. Give equal time to studies, playing, and rest.

Q.3. Does holiday homework matter?

Ans: Holiday homework is essential to ensuring that students don’t lose touch with their studies. Making different projects and implementing various ideas helps them get creative too.

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