11 Ideas for Creative Holiday Homework for Class 4 Students

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Creative Holiday Homework for Class 4

Children studying in class 4 have a mind that needs to be nurtured. Holiday homework is always aimed at learning goals that students reach just in the lessons. There are a lot of valuable skills such as time management, confidence, creativity, strategizing, etc that students pick up along the way as they complete their holiday homework. This blog is packed with 11 ideas for creative holiday homework for class 4 that have been categorized as crafts and art homework, games and activities homework, etc. Teachers can use these ideas to shape young minds and develop them. To know more, keep reading this blog! 

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Art and Craft Creative Holiday Homework for Class 4 Students 

We have compiled a list of arts and crafts creative holiday homework for Class 4 students in this section. Let us look at them now. 

1. Make a Board Game 

This is one of the most creative ideas. Creating a board game with students’ own rules is a great way to allow them to be inventive and imaginative. 

2. Prepare a Dish from a Recipe Book 

There are many skills like reading, chemistry, math, etc that are covered in cooking. This is a great way to allow them to develop all this along with proper measurement and precision. 

3. Create a Birdhouse 

In this activity, students will have to create a blueprint of the birdhouse, measure all the sides, properly construct it, and then decorate it. This will add to their creativity and craft side. 

4. Transform a Fictional Book Character into a Hand Puppet 

Fictional stories become so much more fun when we can bring those characters to life. In this activity, students will explore their imagination to create puppets of their favourite fictional book characters. 

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Games and Activities as Creative Holiday Homework for Class 4 Students

There are plenty of games and activities that can be assigned in the form of homework that will help develop young minds. Let us look at a few interesting games and activities as creative holiday homework for Class 4 students. 

5. Making a School Replica in Minecraft 

Minecraft is a computer game that replicates building blocks. Students can be asked to develop a replica of their own school in the said game. 

6. Play Zoo Tycoon or Rollercoaster Tycoon 

In these two games, students have to build a zoo or a theme park. And along with that, they have to solve problems all the time. They have to gather money to keep building and make the park profitable. This game teaches students how to handle money and how to solve problems. And it’s fun at the same time! 

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Physical Homework Activities as Creative Holiday Homework for Class 4 

Physical activities can also be assigned as creative holiday homework for Class 4 students. These will allow them to develop their fitness skills. Let us look at some of these activities now. 

7. Walking Quest 

In this activity, students have to go on a walking tour and get a paper with pictures on it. They have to find the points in pictures on their way and put them in the right order. This is a fun activity and will help develop their attention while at the same time making sure that students get their daily walk done. 

8. Rope Skipping 

Students can be asked to create a video of them skipping rope to attain a particular level of jumps. This is a perfect activity to promote agility and mindfulness in students. 

9. Obstacle Quiz 

In this activity, students must create a quiz from their lesson materials. This allows them to work with the lesson material and, hence, helps them remember it better. Apart from that, they have to make a game out of it. This will transform a normal quiz into a quiz with challenges. 

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Digital or Computer Holiday Homework for Class 4 Students 

These activities will not only allow the students to complete their homework, but at the same time, they enhance their computer learning. 

10. Create a Picture Album 

You can ask students to create a photo album of their vacation days along with sentences describing the pictures. This will allow them to use computer software to create the same. 

11. Describe it in 5 minute Video 

Students can 5-minute asked to describe any one of their interesting days in a video. This will allow the students to develop great speaking skills along with developing confidence. 


Q1. How do you make holiday homework creative? 

Ans: You can make holiday homework creative by giving students different activities like arts and crafts, quizzes, etc as homework. 

Q2. How do I plan my holiday homework? 

Ans: You can plan your holiday homework by creating a schedule giving equal importance to each aspect of your day. 

Q3. How to complete holiday homework in 2 days? 

Ans: If you plan on completing your holiday homework in 2 days, then create a study plan for those two days dividing it across various subjects that you will have to cover in your holiday homework. 

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