9 Creative Ideas for Holiday Homework for Class 7 Science 

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Holiday Homework for Class 7 Science

Holiday homework is a great way to make sure that students don’t lose touch with their studies while still enjoying their vacation. They can build projects and still have a lot of fun. These projects not only ensure that they study and learn concepts but also make sure that they enjoy creating them. In this blog, we are providing 9 creative ideas for holiday homework for class 7 Science. These ideas will allow the students to access their creative side while still having a lot of fun while creating these projects. To learn more about these projects, keep exploring this blog. 

Holiday Homework for Class 7 Science 

1. Insulation Capacity

In your house, find different insulating materials and check their insulating capacity. Create a table of the same, mentioning the different temperatures and your observations. 

2. Research Assignment

Holiday Homework for Class 7 Science

From your science book, pick a topic of your own choice and create a poster of the same. After that, you have to create a PowerPoint presentation on the topic and present it in front of the class. 

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3. Experiment at Home

From your chemistry chapters, pick a topic of your own choice and perform that experiment at home. The experiment should be simple and safe. After that, prepare a report of the experiment, mentioning the concepts involved, materials required, etc. You can also attach photographs to it. 

4. Journal of Nature

Go to a park nearby or on a hike and take pictures of different plants, insects, and animals that you come across. Then, paste these pictures into a journal and write the information about them in the same way, mentioning their name, their adaptation to the forest, etc. 

5. Scientific Reading

During your holidays, either read a science article or a science book or watch a movie that is based on science. Then, in a copy, write a report about what you understood from that and also mention what concept of science was involved in it. 

6. Science Quiz

From your science book, create a quiz on any topic of your choice and then discuss it in class. 

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7. Field Trip

Holiday Homework for Class 7 Science

Go to a museum or a science center nearby and explore it. Take pictures there and when you come back, write in a book about your visit and mention what you learned from it. And also paste the pictures. 

8. Working Model

Select a topic from your science books, like the solar system or any other topic, and create a working model of that and present it to your teacher. 

9. Science Poster

Using either acrylic or poster colours, on an A-3 sheet of paper, create a poster of one of the topics from one of the chapters from your science book. It should be creative. 


Q.1. How can I complete my holiday homework fast?

Ans: You can complete your holiday homework by planning your vacation days. You can make a schedule and stick to it. If you give enough time to your holiday homework, then you will be done in no time. 

Q.2. How to do holiday homework in one week?

Ans: To complete your holiday homework in one week, you need to make a schedule and stick to it. You need to dedicate a proper amount of time to your holiday homework, making it a priority. 

Q.3. Who invented holiday homework?

Ans: Roberto Nevilis invented holiday homework.

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