7 Ideas for Holiday Homework for Class 6 Science 

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Holiday Homework for Class 6 Science

Holidays are a great time for students to chase after their hobbies and enjoy and let go of the stress of the school days. They are able to play outdoors, watch their favourite movies, etc. But what is equally important is keeping in touch with studies during vacations. This is where holiday homework comes in. The purpose of holiday homework is to not let students lose touch with their studies during the vacation. In this blog, we are providing 7 Ideas for Holiday Homework for Class 6 Science. These are great for learning but at the same time, they are a lot of fun too. To learn more about them, keep exploring this blog. 

Holiday Homework for Class 6 Science

1. Creating a Nature Journal

Holiday Homework for Class 6 Science

Go out in nature, visit a park nearby, or go to a mountain area, and observe the various plants and animals that you see. In a journal, make sketches of the same, providing details about it. Mention at least 10 plants and 10 animals. You can also paste pictures. 

2. Science Experiment

From your science, choose a topic or concept and conduct a simple experiment at home using the items present at home. It can be as simple as comparing the densities of different liquids like water, oil, etc. Make a chart of the same mentioning the details about the concept of the experiment and how you performed it. Paste pictures of it too. 

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3. Research

Choose a topic of your choice from your science book and do research on it. Make a project report with your observations, research, and photographs. Draw one well-labelled diagram too. 

4. Science Fair Project

Develop an idea or an experiment to be presented. The project should be based on one concept from science. Design an experiment based on it and properly put it in the report. Take photographs and paste them too. 

5. Science Book

Holiday Homework for Class 6 Science

During your holidays, apart from your curriculum book, read another book that is related to science. It could be a storybook or any other fictional book. Then, after the vacation, explain it to the teacher and present it in front of the class. 

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6. Scavenger Hunt in Nature

Go out in nature. Gather 10 different plants and identify 10 different animals. Make a scrapbook. In it, paste the plant specimens into the scrapbook and mention details about them like their name, colour, shape, etc. In the same scrapbook, paste the pictures of 10 animals explaining their adaptations in nature. 

7. Science Quiz

Choose one of the chapters from your science book and create a quiz based on the concepts of the same. After you return to the school, discuss the quiz in the class. 


Q.1. How can I do my holiday homework?

Ans: You can make a schedule and stick to it. Give equal emphasis on the importance of studying, playing, and resting.

Q.2. How to make holiday homework attractive? 

Ans: You can make your holiday homework attractive in numerous ways. Use materials like poster colors, glitter, mirrors, etc. on the main page of the holiday homework. You can also use the graffiti method to create the titles of your projects.

Q.3. What is summer holiday homework?

Ans: Summer holiday homework is the work given to the students during the summer vacation that helps them stay in touch with their studies even during the vacation.

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