Maternity Leave Letter: Format, Sample, and Examples

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Maternity Leave is a paid leave that is granted to female employees of an organization following the birth of a child. Maternity leave helps women to take care of their children, and retain their jobs. As per the Maternity Leave Act of 2017, pregnant female employees are entitled to 26 weeks of maternity leave.  To apply for maternity leave employees have to send a Maternity Leave Letter. Keep reading to know more about the Maternity leave format, samples, and examples.

Maternity Leave Act of 2017  

The Maternity Leave Act of 2017 increased the duration of maternity leave from 12 to 26 weeks. maternity leave can be applied for by the women 8 weeks before the estimated due date. Women who have more than two children can get leave for approximately 12 weeks. That is, 6 weeks before the due date and 6 weeks after the delivery. The payment made during maternity leave is based on the average daily wage for the period of actual absence.

Maternity Leave Letter Format

Below is a format for the maternity leave letter. Employees will have to include the same in their application for maternity leave.

  • Name and address of the sender- The first step to writing a maternity leave letter is to include the name and sender’s address. Here the employee can add her personal address and name
  • Date- The date you are sending the letter has to be included in the next line.
  • Name and address of the receiver- Next, you can add the official address of the organization as well as the name of the receiver.
  • Subject- Under the subject clearly specify the reason for sending the application. For example, in this case, you can write that you are applying for maternity leave.
  • Salutation-  Address the receiver as Sir/ Ma’am, as applicable
  • Body of the letter- Clearly explains the reason for the leave and how long you would need the maternity leave.
  • Thank the receiver- Finally, thank the receiver for reading this letter and end the letter with your signature and name.

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Maternity Leave Letter Samples

Below are the maternity leave letter samples that employees can use.

Sample 1

Employee Name 
Employee Address 

Date of the application

Receiver’s Name
Receiver’s address

Subject: Request for Early Maternity Leave Letter for __ weeks from ___(date)

I am writing this letter to inform you about my pregnancy and I want to take the given___ weeks of maternity leave available to me by the company. My expected due date is___. I am planning to take leave from ___and return to the job by____.

I will let you know in case of any unforeseen circumstances with delivery and pregnancy that can cause a delay in the joining date. I have attached my doctor’s letter to confirm all the details. Please contact me in case of any information is required.

Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely
(name of the employee).

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Sample 2


Name of the Manager/ HR
Organisation address 

Sub: Requesting maternity leave from ______ to ______.

Dear _____,

My name is _________, employee id ________, working in your company as a ________(your position) in ___________(name of the department).

I am writing this request letter to apply for maternity leave from ________ to _______. I am carrying ____month pregnancy(no of months) and my due date is on_______.

I have completed all my work. In case of emergency, I will be available at my mobile number.

Kindly grant my maternity leave request.

Thanking you
Yours sincerely,
Employee name

Sample 3- Email Format

To: (email address)
From (email address)

Subject: Maternity Leave Application Required (State that you require maternity leave after delivery)

Dear _____,

I am ____, from ____(state the name of the project). I am pleased to inform you about my Maternity Application. I would like to take my Maternity leave from ____to ____. I request you to grant me my Maternity Leave _____(days the leave is required).

In my absence, ____ will take responsibility for my work. You can contact me at any point of time without hesitating.

Thanking You,
Yours Sincerely,
Employee name

Sample 3- Email Format

To: (email address)
From (email address)

Subject: Maternity Leave Application Required

Dear .____________,

I am writing this email for your approval regarding my maternity leave. I am planning to take leaves from _______ to _______ . The date of delivery expected is _____.

I have finished all the tasks and my team members will take care of further tasks and until I rejoin.
Kindly, approve my leave request.

Thanking you.
(Employee name)

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Q1. How do I write a letter to my employer about pregnancy?

Ans. An employee can write a maternity leave letter either by email or as a formal printed letter. The letter should clearly explain the weeks the employee will not be available. Also, the employee has to specify the joining date as well. One important thing is to attract medical documents as proof.

Q2. How do I ask for maternity leave at work?

Ans. Employees can ask for maternity leave at work by writing a maternity leave letter. The employee also needs to research well about the company’s policies and leave work with team members before applying for the same.

Q3. When should we inform you about maternity leave?

Ans. Employees should inform about the maternity leave after their delivery as soon as possible.

A maternity leave letter is a very important letter that female employees need to send to get maternity leave. The leave letter should contain the dates the employee will not be available, an attached medical proof, and the date of rejoining. Getting maternity leave is beneficial for the employee as it will be a paid leave. To discover more such information, read our blogs.

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