Labour Day Speech in English: Long and Short 

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Labour day speech

Labour Day Speech: May 1 is celebrated all around the world to celebrate the presence of the workers who keep working hard and render their services to society. International Worker’s Day, or International Labour Day, honours the workers and labourers of the world in different sectors for rendering their services to society. 

Further, the day also helps in reminding them about their rights at the workplace. In this Labour Day speech, we will discuss some important facts and figures that help the students understand labour more comprehensively.

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Long Labour Day Speech in English 

A very warm welcome to everyone. Today we all are gathered here to celebrate the special day of Labours, called Labour Day.

In the words of Abraham Lincoln, who was a firm believer in ¨Free Labour, Free Soil, Free Men, labour is before, and independent of, capital. Capital is only the fruit of labour and could never have existed if labour had not first existed. Labour is superior to capital, and deserves much higher consideration.”

Labour Day is a day which honours an amazing group of hardworking men and women who keep our communities running through their daily hard work. Without their dedication and regular efforts, our lives would not be effective and result-oriented.

The roots of Labour Day stretch back to the late 1800s, when workers faced very difficult situations. They often laboured extremely long hours, sometimes up to 16 hours per day, under hazardous conditions. They were paid extremely little and were forced to work in poorly ventilated spaces. Even young children of 5 or 6 years were commonly found in mills, mines, and factories.

Later in the 19th century, the labour movement grew, and the workers united to protest these unfair practices. They participated in the strikes and protests to demand better treatment and rights. After long years of struggle and demands, the International Socialist Conference, designated May 1 in the year 1889, recognised the vital role of workers.

The purpose of celebrating Labour Day is to celebrate the spirit and dedication of countless workers throughout history. The day aims to honour those men and women who built roads, cities, and the nation with their hands. In other words, Labour Day is a day to celebrate the perseverance of constructing towering skyscrapers and tiling fields that feed families, as well as the labourers’ power in society. 

In India, Labour Day is called Antarrashtriya Shramik Diwas or Kamgar Din. The history here in India traces back to the movement of the 19th century, when workers united together to fight for better wages, humane working conditions, and basic rights similar to those in the U.S. On May 1, 1923, the Labour Kisan Party of Hindustan organised the first major celebration of Labour Day in India. 

Trade unions and labour organisations arrange processions where workers proudly display banners, raise slogans, and voice their demands for fair treatment and improved labour laws. In big cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata, Labour Day witnesses large gatherings at prominent locations. Senior union leaders and government officials address the crowds and acknowledge the importance of workforces across the world, including India.

However, Labour Day is celebrated with all pomp and show, but do you still think that the labourers are fairly treated and the policies are framed to provide them with more benefits? Let me enlighten you all with some facts and figures on this burning issue!

India has a labour force of over 470 million, making it one of the largest workforces in the world.
The agriculture sector employs 42 percent, which is around 148 million workers. Only 10 percent of India´s total workforce is formally employed in the organised sector with proper wages and social security benefits. 

The Indian Constitution of India prohibits forced labour and child labour under the age of 14.
Though India has more than 40 national and state-level laws covering areas like minimum wages and working conditions, still, there are major challenges, especially in the large informal sector, to working for the betterment of the labour class.

Sadly, only around 30–33 percent of the Indian workforce is part of a labour union or association that can collectively bargain. However, in 2021, the Ministry of Labour and Employment established the e-shram portal, allowing the workers to register themselves for further benefits from the Indian government. 

With these data, I would like to honour the past, present, and future of the workforce that keeps the engines of the prosperity of the world churning. It is our mere responsibility to keep our spirits high for the rights of workers and their safe conditions across all industries and occupations. From the factory floor to the family farm, every job is essential and deserves respect.

Thank you to all the essential workers, skilled tradespeople, and hardworking employees who empower our communities. You are all our heroes who built our nation. Happy Labour Day!

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Short Speech Speech on Labour Day for Students 

Hello everyone! Today on May 1, 2024, we all have come together to celebrate the day for hardworking men and women who empower our communities through their daily labour. Labour Day is the day when we celebrate workers and recognize their important contributions.

The workers actively build the world around them with their skills and efforts. They construct the houses we live in, the roads we drive on, and the buildings where we learn and play. The hardworking labour class works hard for our nutritious meals, keeping our school clean and well-maintained. These are just some examples, as there is a huge workforce to serve society with their skills and countless services.

Many industries rely on dedicated workers who put in long hours of physical or mental labour. Nurses and doctors work tirelessly to care for the sick. Farmers toil in the fields to cultivate crops that nourish the world. The employees of the factory work diligently to manufacture our daily use products. 

On this Labour Day, we honour and appreciate the sacrifices that workers make to earn a living and provide for their families. We celebrate their work, their job, and their commitment to their professions and craftsmanship.

I encourage you all to take a moment to truly notice and value the workers all around you. Their endless efforts, skills, and hard work create a world we live in. They deserve our respect, and appreciation, not just today, but every day.

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Q.1. How do you start a speech on Labour Day?

Ans: To start a speech on Labour Day, begin with greeting the audience, like Good morning/ afternoon, everyone. Next, describe the purpose of your speech, like, Today we come together to honour the incredible workforce that powers our nation forward through their skill, determination, and hard work.

Q.2. What is the message of Labour Day?

Ans: The main message and purpose of Labour Day is to recognise and appreciate the countless contributions and efforts of workers across industries and occupations. The day highlights the importance of upholding the rights of workers, ensuring fair wages and safe conditions, and advocating for their dignity. Labour Day sends a message that society should respect and value the hard work of everyone who works hard to earn a living for their families.

Q.3. What is a good quote on Labour Day?

Ans: One of the good quotes on Labour Day is from Abraham Lincoln,
“Labour is before and independent of capital. Capital is only the fruit of labour, and could never have existed if labour had not first existed.” 

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