Leave Letter to the Principal: Format and Samples

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leave letter to principal

Writing a leave letter to the principal is a very important part of the English curriculum for students. A leave letter allows students to appear clear and reliable in front of the authority. The Principal is the highest administrative authority for the students in a school. Thus, a leave letter to the Principal needs to be always written in a formal style and format. Here it is to be noted that letters are very similar to applications with only a small difference in the length of the written substance.

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What is a Leave Letter to the Principal?

Students are social individuals who might have other activities other than academic performance. In such a situation when there is a requirement for planned absenteeism, the student needs to submit a leave letter to the principal. This letter needs to contain several informative parts relating to planned absenteeism. Leaves can be for casual, wellness/sick, one-day, emergency, and marriage purposes. A leave letter to the principal also allows the academic staff to keep an official track of the attendance of the student.

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Why is Proper Format Necessary for Leave Letters?

A leave letter is a formal piece of documentation submitted to the highest authority, the Principal of the school in this case. Any formal document requires a good format that is not only legible but also meaningful and informative at the same time.

Additionally, in the professional world, there are instances when an individual would need to write a leave letter. Here, the instance can be anything ranging from casual leaves, sick leaves, or serious emergency leaves. Thus, writing a leave letter with the proper tone, language, and conciseness is a skill that needs to be honed since school days.

Requirements to be Fulfilled in a Leave Letter

A leave letter needs to have certain aspects fulfilled so that the authority, the Principal, takes direct action instead of further questioning or getting into a discussion with the student for clarity. Thus, here are those criteria that make a leave letter complete and ready for action, whether negative or positive. This is because the ultimate decision depends on the principal to give permission to the student to take a leave.

  • The address of the receiver of the letter should be verified.
  • The salutation should be formal and respectful.
  • There must be a date of submission of the leave letter.
  • The contents of the leave letter should clearly mention the reason for the leave.
  • In case the student is writing the leave letter, the student must mention the consent of the parents in the letter.
  • The number of days for the leave should be clearly mentioned in the letter.
  • The dates of the leave should also be clearly mentioned, and if possible highlighted, in the letter.
  • The closing line should clearly mention the action desired from the receiver of the letter.

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Format of Leave Letter to the Principal

As mentioned earlier, the format of the leave letter to the principal takes special notice when the authority looks at the letter peripherally at first glance. Formal letters have a format so that the intent becomes clear and the request looks official and important. Thus, students can follow the format given below to write a leave letter to the Principal.

  • Designation of the Authority
  • Receiver’s Address

[Generally the address of the school] 

  • Date
    [The date of submission of the letter for effective action by the authority. This keeps official documentation of the leave with the authority.]
  • Subject
    [Single line statement reflecting the purpose of the Letter] 
  • Salutation
    [The addressed authority is respectfully brought into a written discussion about the subject here.]
  • Body of Content
    [Introduction of the applicant][Reason in short][Details of the reason and why is the event important for the applicant][Dates to be deemed absent on cause]
  • Complimentary Note 

[An acknowledged closing generating a request for acceptance and positive feedback. Should also entail regard and gratitude for the expected positive understanding of the situation.]

  • Closing Line
    [A direct showcase of the student’s acceptance of the authority]
  • Signing off
    [The application needs to be concluded with a greeting which is the generally written substitute for a formal handshake in verbal conversations]

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Body of Content in Leave Letter to the Principal

The internal content is the most important part of the leave letter to the Principal. This is because it is the body of the content that includes all the information for considering the leave request. 

  • It contains the reason for leave supported by the parent’s consent. 
  • It contains the exact duration that will be considered for the attendance purpose of the school authorities. 
  • It also essentially contains an expectation of the applicant that attaches emotion to the leave purpose and draws the authority towards a positive action by the Principal.

Thus, it is essential to craft the internal body of the leave letter in the correct tone and exaggeration showing the importance of the event in the life of the student. However, over-exaggeration needs to be avoided. There are essentially 5 different types of leave letters that can be sent to the Principal.

Types of Leave Letters to the Principal

The 5 types of leave letters to the principal are given below. The differentiator of the various leave letters is the reasons to ask for leave. The reasons vary depending on the importance of the events that require the particular type of leave.

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Samples of Leave Letters

Here we have attached samples of some leave letters to the Principal. This is for the students to understand which kind of event comes under which category of leave letters. Thus, the subject highlights the event that the student can match with the category of the leave letter.

Casual Leave

Wellness/Sick Leave

One-Day Leave

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Emergency Leave

Marriage Leave


Q. Is a leave letter to the principal formal or informal?

Ans. A leave letter is a formal documentation that the highest authority of a school, the Principal, keeps in order to record the genuine absenteeism of a student. Thus, the format and the tone of voice of the letter must not be informal or semiformal. There should not be any use of colloquial terms as well.

Q. How do you write a leave letter to the principal format?

Ans. A leave letter to the principal has a requisite format that should be concise and straightforward. The body of the letter should ask for requisite action and the salutation

Q. How do I take leave from the principal?

Ans. To take a leave of absence from the Principal, a student must write a properly formatted leave letter addressing the requisite person with the cause. It makes the effort count and the approach is more official and formal.

Thus, it is almost every day that we get to see some event either in school, at work, or at home. However, when events occur outside of the school and they have some importance in our lives, we sometimes do need to give that event importance even though attendance at school is important. This is exactly where leave letters come into play. Hope the variety of leave letters and the samples help the students get a fair idea of how formal letter writing works.

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