Leave Letter for Yesterday: Format and Samples

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A leave letter for yesterday is a letter that is written after you have taken a leave. This leave can be taking a leave from school, college, or work. This leave letter is usually submitted the next day after you have taken the leave or the next day of the leave itself. In such leave letters, the reasons for absence are clearly specified. It is different from a regular leave letter that informs about the absence beforehand. 

Keep reading to know more about the leave letter format and samples.

What is a Leave Letter for Yesterday?

It is a leave application that is written after you have to take a leave. Usually, a leave letter is written before you take a leave. However, due to unforeseen circumstances such as a health crisis or a family emergency an employee or a student can take leave without informing.  This leave letter is submitted under such circumstances. 

The letter explains the reason for your absence. In the letter, the student/employee can request the concerned authority to consider the leave they took without prior notice.


Below is the format for writing the application:

  • Date of the application- First of all, you can write the date of the application
  • Reciever’s address- Next, the student/ employee can write the receiver’s designation and address. For example, Managing Director, XYZ company.
  • Subject- Here write the reason for writing the application letter. That is, explain that you are writing the leave letter for the leave you took yesterday.
  • Salutation- Address the receiver with respect. For example,  Dear sir/ma’am. 
  • Main body- Explain the reason for your absence and the day you were on leave in the main body of the letter.
  • Sign off- Sign off by writing your name, designation, and contact number. Students can write their class and roll number.

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Sample 1
(Company name)
(Company address)
Sub: Application for Absence in Office
Respected _____,,
I am _____ working as ____ (Designation)_____(Department) and wanted to inform you that yesterday on___(day of absence)I couldn’t attend my office due to _____ (Show your cause). But today I am submitting this leave application for yesterday and I request you to please consider it as informed leave. I will be grateful to you.
(Employee name)(Designation)(Employee contact information)
Sample 2
(Date of application)
The principle,
(name of the school)(Location)
Subject – application for ____days absent
Dear _____,
I am _____, a student of ____(class name)  of your school, would like to inform you that I was absent from school for the last ____days. The main reason behind my absence was ________. Therefore I was unable to attend classes during those days.
Kindly grant me leave for ____days and allow me to sit in the class. I shall be grateful to you for your kindness.
Yours sincerely,
(Student name)
(Roll number)

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Sample 3
(Reciever designation)(Reciever’s address)
Subject: Leave Application for Yesterday
I writing this letter to state that I was on leave yesterday due to____(reason). It was an emergency situation. As a result, I was in a hurry and could not inform early. I request you to consider the leave I took yesterday.   
Thanking You.
Employee name(Employee designation)
Sample 4
(Reciever’s Designation and organization address)
Subject: Leave Application for Absence
Respected ____,
I would like to inform you about the leave I took yesterday. (Explain the reason). Due to the urgency of the situation I was on leave yesterday. However, I had given prior notice to the ___department regarding this matter on ___(call/mail). I hope that you will accept this leave application on account of my __(main reason like health or family matter). I shall be very obliged for this favor of yours.Yours Sincerely,(Employee name and designation)

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1. How do I write a leave letter for absence yesterday?

Ans. Write a letter by addressing it to the manager/Hr/principal. Give an appropriate subject for the letter and in the main content explain the main reason for your absence from work/school.

2. How do I write a leave letter for already taken leave?

Ans. Write a letter addressing it to the head of the institution. In the main body of the letter explain the reason for your absence. Provide adequate proof if required and then close the letter by writing your name and designation/ class.

How do you inform your leave?

Ans. You can inform me about your leave either before taking the leave or after taking it. It is better to inform of the leave before taking it by writing a leave letter. In case, you were not able to inform me earlier you can write a leave letter for yesterday.

Leave letter for yesterday is written to explain the reason for not being present. A student or an employee can write this letter explaining the reason for absence. A leave letter is addressed to the head of the institution such as a principal. That is if you are a student. An employee can address it to the manager or the HR of an organization. This letter helps the employee/student to justify the leave taken. To discover, more articles like this visit the study abroad experts. 

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