Essay on My Favourite Sport: Samples in 100 Words and 200 Words

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Essay on My Favourite Sport

Sports is a physical activity which is considered good for both mental and physical health. It has the unique ability to attract the attention of the audience. In sports, people display their strength and skills by competing with the other person either for serious competition or for entertainment. The personality of a sportsperson can be understood by the type of sport he/she plays. All the sports are categorised into two types; indoor and outdoor. In this blog, we will provide you with some sample essay on my favourite sports, so that you can get an idea about how you can frame your essay for school or essay writing competition. Stay tuned and continue reading this article!

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My Favourite Sport Essay 100 words

I am a great fan of basketball. I used to practice this game since I was in class 5th. My parents and my coach encouraged me a lot to perform well in my favourite sport. I believe that it is a game that combines strategy, athleticism, and teamwork. The best thing I like about this sport is the dribbling of the basketball. I love playing basketball with my friends at the society’s basketball court.

We used to gather every evening at 6:30 and play a match regularly to maintain the stamina and the pace of precision shooting. The winning situation in this game is completely dependent on teamwork, the result could be truly magical. Basketball is the sport that keeps me captivated with its adrenaline-pumping excitement. 

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Essay on My Favourite Sport 250 words

My favourite sport is everyone’s favourite. Yes, Cricket it is. Cricket is often known as the ‘Gentleman’s Game.’ Almost every Indian loves cricket for us this sport is not just a game it is an emotion. The entire Nation keeps a keen eye on the World Cup match when our country is performing. 

My idol is Hon’ble Sachin Tendulkar and MS Dhoni. In my childhood, I tried to copy their style and always wished to be a good cricket player. As it is rightly said ‘Practice makes a Man Perfect.’ I also believed in it and practised with my school cricket team to become a good cricket player. My endurance and dedication helped me to secure the position of opening batsman for the school cricket team and we are presenting our school at the district-level cricket competition.

The main reason cricket resonates with me is its rich history and traditions. It’s a sport that has been played for centuries, and it carries with it a sense of timelessness. The iconic venues, the legends of the game, and the celebrated rivalries all contribute to the sport’s allure. Whether it’s the Ashes battles between England and Australia or the fervent India-Pakistan contests, cricket has a way of gripping the hearts and minds of fans around the world.

Cricket not only teaches sportsmanship but also helps us learn about teamwork, patience, dedication, etc. My dream is to build a successful cricket career. To accomplish my goals I am planning to take admission in the cricket academy and learn from experts.

In conclusion, cricket is more than a sport to me; it’s a culture, a passion, and a source of endless joy in my life. Its rich heritage, technical intricacies, and life lessons will forever held close to my heart. 

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Essay on My Favourite Sport Badminton

Among all the indoor and outdoor activities, I love to play badminton the most. Badminton is played as an indoor and outdoor game but traditionally it was an indoor game. It is one of the most admired sports among children and adults. Badminton is my favourite sport because it requires speed, practice, precision, stamina, and accuracy all at the same time.

A player needs to be very attentive while playing badminton. When each stroke of the shuttle makes a ‘whoosh’ sound, it infuses a feeling of competitiveness and enthusiasm to perform extraordinarily against the opponent.

I am a huge admirer of Saina Nehwal and PV Sindhu. Watching them perform makes me feel so proud and more inclined towards the sport. It’s my dream to play a badminton tournament at the National level and win for the country.

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Essay on My Favourite Sport Cricket

Essay on my favourite sport

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What is an essay on my favourite sport?

My favourite sport is cricket. It is the most popular sport of all. Every person loves to watch cricket matches, especially the T20 and the World Cup. My favourite players are Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers.

Write an essay on my favourite sport badminton.

Badminton is a dynamic racket sport which is popular worldwide. This sport is categorized as an indoor sport owing to its sensitivity to weather. It involves hitting the shuttlecock with quick reflexes using a racket. This game is played between two players and is known for its agility, precision, practice, and attentiveness. 

What are the most popular sports?

The most popular sports are cricket, football, badminton, table tennis, and hockey.

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