Essay On My Favourite Season: Sample in 100, 200 & 300 words

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Essay on my favourite season

Essay on My Favourite Season: Loving a season has no specific reason. Some might like the rainy season because it’s refreshing, while others may like the summer because it is the best time for outdoor activities. Similarly, some like the winter season so that friends and family can go for a bonfire activity. Season preference depends on one’s choice and idea of refreshments as it affects the human feel and influences behaviour. 

In this blog, we will provide three essay writing samples on the topic ¨My Favourite Season¨ which will help the students with ideas and information. 

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Sample Essay On My Favourite Season in 100 Words

My favourite season is Summer. As the season is characterised by long days and short nights, there are ample daylight hours for outdoor activities. During the summer season, children in north and south India are free from school for a couple of months. They go for summer holidays to their favourite places with their parents and make these days their memorable childhood memories. 

Summertime brings refreshing and water-packed food like muskmelon, cucumber, and peaches. These nourishments help the body get hydrated and benefit the body. Also, we get to enjoy ice cream, cold drinks, and other chilled refreshments. So, I enjoy this season thoroughly with friends and family while enjoying refreshing fruits and drinks. 

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Sample Essay On My Favourite Season in 200 Words

My favourite season is Winter. After the scorching heat of summer, winter arrives and brings pleasant changes to the weather. The cool breeze of the winter season carries a hint of freshness and brings comfort.  

During the winter season, nature undergoes a subtle transformation. Trees shed their leaves, and the surroundings appear peaceful. Mornings are misty and create a magical ambience, especially in areas with diverse topography. 

Winter brings festival time to India and among them, Diwali is a major celebration. The festival comes with lights, decorations, and a spirit of togetherness. All these warming features make the festival a joyous occasion for families and friends. 

One of the highlights of the winter season is the nourishing warm and comforting foods. From hot tea to traditional delicacies like gajar ka halwa and makki ki roti, adds a delicious experience to the winter season in northern India. 

Also, the winter season brings snowfall possibilities in higher altitudes in northern parts of India. Besides, people also eagerly wait for the arrival of migratory birds in sanctuaries. The arrival of birds from faraway lands increases the diversity and adds richness to the biodiversity of that particular area.  

Altogether, the winter season brings delightfulness and festive celebrations. A unique mix of cultural and natural experiences makes the winter season my favourite time of the year. 

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Sample Essay On My Favourite Season in 300 Words

Spring Season brings a world of wonder and joy. Winter birds bid farewell and spring arrives with a burst of colours and peaceful nature. The air carries warmth and gentleness which transforms the world into a magical place.

During the spring season, the flowers bloom in vibrant colours and carpet the earth with beautiful flowers. In this season, we witness blossoms of cherries, daffodils, and tulips. These flowers create a breathtaking sight and turn the gardens into a palette of a painter. 

Further, the mild temperature of Spring allows one to spend more time outdoors, playing in the sunshine and exploring the natural world. The trees that were bare once, adorn themselves with fresh green leaves, creating a canopy that dances in the breeze.

One of the most admiring things about the spring season is the return of birds. They come back from their winter migration and fill the air with cheerful sons. These chirping beautiful songs of birds are like a melody that lifts the spirits and brings a sense of harmony to the surroundings.

Spring is a time of new life and beginnings. Animal babies like lambs and chicks are born during the spring season and add a touch of innocence and playfulness to the season. Watching these young newborns taking their first steps is a heartwarming experience that reminds us of the beauty of life´s cycle. 

As we walk through parks or simply gaze out of our windows, we see colourful butterflies and bees busy pollinating flowers. It is like nature seems to come alive with activity and creates a vibrant ecosystem. 

Thus, spring is a season that fills our hearts with joy and wonder. It is a time for nature and spirits to blossom. The beautiful colours, fragrances, and lively sounds of the spring season make it a truly enchanting and magical season that we look forward to every year. 

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Short Essay on My Favourite Season in English

Here is a format on short essay on my favourite season in English:

essay on my favourite season

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1. What makes Spring a favourite season for many people?

Ans. Spring is the favourite season of many people for its colourful blooms, mild weather, and the sense of renewal it brings. 

2. Which season is beautiful?

Ans. Many people think Spring is beautiful because of the colourful flowers and nice weather. 

3. What is the name of the six seasons in India?

Ans. In India, the names of the six seasons are Spring, Summer, Rainy, Autumn, Pre-winter, and Winter. 

4. Why is the winter season good?

Ans. The winter season is nice because the weather is cool and there are many fun festivals like Diwali. Also, the Winter season brings warm and tasty food items. 

5. Which season is best and why?

Ans. The best season is different for everyone. Some like Spring, because of the blooming of flowers, others like winter for the cool weather. It completely depends on one preference and choice. 

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