Write A Letter To Your Friend Inviting To Your Village: Check Samples

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Write A Letter To Your Friend Inviting To Your Village

Students who study in bustling cities miss their ancestral village which represents a cherished escape from the hassle and chaos of life. When they come around school breaks during vacations students long to return to the quiet simplicity of their villages. The life of the village is fun. There children run freely through lush green fields, climb mango trees, and swim in clear ponds without any worry.

The delicious smells of their home-cooked food prepared by their grandparents greet them. The rural house may lack lavish amenities but it provides a comfortable familiarity to the students. Waking up to roosters, spending the day outdoors with childhood friends and falling asleep on the roof under a canopy of stars filled with enduring memories and cultural roots. 

With this write-up, learn how to write a letter to your friend inviting to your village and enjoy the art of describing. 

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Write A Letter To Your Friend Inviting To Your Village: Sample 1

Cathedral House, Jopling Road,
House No. 456, Aminabad,
Delhi – 100989

17 February 2024

Dear Rachit,

Hope you are doing well. It has been a long time since we last caught up. As you know, I recently moved back to my hometown village. I know you always want to experience the life of a village and once said that you wanted to experience the authentic Indian village life. That is why I am so excited to invite you to visit and stay with my family. 

Rachit, I can´t wait for you to see the lush green fields that surround my village. Every morning we can walk through the big farms and orchards. The smell of blossoming flowers and fresh weather. My favourite spot on the farm is under a huge Banyan tree that is on the edge of our wheat field. We sit there for long hours and chat and watch the farmers working in the fields.

Please be sure to pack clothes you do not mind getting muddy because we will head to the potter´s house and will try making clay pots. The local potters in my village have been practising their craft for generations. Afterwards, we can go for a walk along the river bank and collect colourful stones. I remember you love art, so we can paint little designs on the stones. 

No visit is complete without celebrating a local festival. You will fall in love with the traditional music, dance, costumes, and delicious food. I will introduce you to my friends and we will enjoy the delicious local cuisine on banana leaves and dance around the bonfire.

In the evening, we will climb up to my favourite hilltop and watch the sunset. As it starts getting dark, the sky fills up with thousands of glittering stars. We can lie there and gaze up at the Milky Way. I must tell you, Rachit, it is one of the most magical experiences that I have come across. 

My mum will cook delicious and authentic food to start the day. You will enjoy the morning with the sound of the temple and the sweet chirping of birds along with traditional breakfast. It is a simple pleasure that you can only experience in village life. 
Let me know if you can visit my village on this vacation. We will make arrangements for your stay.

My whole family will be so excited to host you and introduce you to our culture and traditions of the village. Looking forward to hearing back from you soon.

Loads of Love,

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Source: SUVI Education Channel 

Write A Letter To Your Friend Inviting To Your Village: Sample 2

Uphoria Homes,
Apartment No. 544
Hazratganj – 10034

23 March 2023

Dear Shashank,

I hope your exams are going well. As your Diwali break is around the corner, I wanted to invite you to visit my family´s village. I know you have always wanted to experience a traditional Indian village and there is no better place than where I grew up.

The day here at the village starts slow. We will sip masala chai in the biggest portion of my ancestral house, which is commonly called the veranda while watching the villagers beginning their days. You will love to see how they take cows and goats to graze the fields, get water from the well, or head to the fields. Doesn´t that sound so peaceful, Shashank?

The simplicity of village life is so refreshing. You will surely forget about the crowds, traffic and deadly pollution. Instead, we will go for a morning walk along the dusty roads which are lined up with tall and shady trees. I love the vibrant energy of people when they say hello and smile. We can stop and even chat with the locals as they work. 

One day I will take you to the colourful air market. You will love seeing the fresh produce of sweets and smelling the aromatic spices. In sweets, I love hot jalebis. I hope you know cooking like me, if Yes then please accompany me in cooking vegetables like beans, okra, and potatoes over an open fire in the courtyard.

In the village, all the young people gather to play cricket in the common grounds. We will join them and will play until sunset. At night, after having our dinners we can lie out under the stars listening to old folk tales.

Before you leave for your home, we will visit the ancient temple of my village and participate in the lively festivals. The village comes to life during holidays with music, dance, and amazing food. Watching the vibrant and colourful processions and fireworks with the village community is an amazing experience that you will never forget. 

Let me know if you can make it this vacation. My family would love to share the culture and hospitality of our village with you. You will come back to your city refreshed and fill with memories to last a lifetime. Can´t wait to join you.

Loads of love,

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Write A Letter To Your Friend Inviting To Your Village: Sample 3

E-3 Sector J
Commercial Tax Colony
Lucknow- 226024

18 January 2024

Dear Mohit,

I hope your final examinations are going well. As your final break approaches, I wanted to extend an invitation to visit my village. I know, how hard you have been working and thinking about a trip, so here is exactly what you need. 

I moved back to my village last year and love the peaceful, simple way of life here. Morning starts with the vibrant fragrance of flowers, melodic temple bells and chirping sweet songs of birds is amazing. Can you imagine waking up to that instead of noisy traffic? 

Each day we will follow a relaxed routine which includes, a home-cooked breakfast, taking cattle to graze, working in the vegetable garden, cooking traditional meals, oven an open fire, and long afternoon naps.

My favourite part of daily life is an evening walk along the dusty roads. My village also has a strong sense of community as villages chat and kids play cricket and some traditional Indian games like Bambara and Gillidanda. 

I would love to introduce you to all my childhood friends. I just know you will love hearing their interesting stories and wisdom. We can also learn about making pottery and basket weaving from the artisans. 

No trip to my village is complete without stopping by the local dairy farm. I know how much you love cows. We can tour the sheds, pet the cows, and even try our hand at milking one. Afterwards, we will enjoy a cold glass of fresh milk straight from the farm. 

I truly think you will love experiencing my beautiful village as much as I do. Let me know if these activities sound appealing to you and what dates you think you will visit. I can´t wait to hear back from you and start planning your trip.

With Love,

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Write A Letter To Your Friend Inviting To Your Village: Format

Write A Letter To Your Friend Inviting To Your Village

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Q.1. How do I write a letter inviting my friend on my birthday?

Ans: Start your letter with start with ¨Dear [Name], say you are having a birthday party on [date], and ask them to join you for the birthday celebration. You can also include the details of the party like the time and location.

Q.2. Who should write an invitation letter?

Ans: The host of the party or event should write an invitation letter to invite guests.

Q.3. How do you write an inviting sentence?

Ans: To write an inviting sentence, use a warm, enthusiastic tone and say, ¨I would be honoured to invite you if could attend [write the name of the event]¨ or you can also write ¨I would love for you to join me.¨

Q.4. What is a letter of invitation?

Ans: A letter of invitation is a formal invitation to someone for an event and provides important details like date, time, location, dress code and RSVP info. 

Q.5. How do you invite a friend? 

Ans: To invite a friend, you can write-¨Ï am having a get together on [date]. I would love for you to come and celebrate with me.¨ Meanwhile, do not forget to give details of the party and ask them to let you know if they can make it to the party or not.

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