Today’s News in English: Check out the School Assembly News Headlines for 7 July 2024

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7 July School Assembly News Headlines

School Assembly News Headlines for 7 July 2024: School Assembly News Headlines provide students with a comprehensive learning experience of news in English for 7 July 2024.

Join us for today’s school assembly where we present the latest national and international news headlines in English. We’ll also bring you updates on sports and today’s entertainment news in English. 

To offer a diverse learning experience, we include a thought for the day, a word of the day, and insights on what happened today in history worldwide, ensuring students stay informed and motivated.

National News Headlines in English for 7 July 2024

Stay updated with 7 July 2024 news headlines in English for school assembly. Learn about various sectors´ happenings in our country. 

1. Starmer to Mend UK Labour-India Ties Post-Election Victory:

New UK PM Keir Starmer aims to repair UK Labour-India relations strained by past Kashmir remarks after defeating Rishi Sunak’s Conservatives. Labour’s Kashmir stance has contrasted with the UK government’s view.

2. BCCI VP Shukla Responds to Thackeray’s Call for Mumbai Finals:

BCCI VP Rajeev Shukla stated that no city can be prioritized for World Cup finals after Aaditya Thackeray’s demand to hold future finals in Mumbai, following a massive turnout for India’s victory parade.

3. Supreme Court Upholds NEET-UG 2024 Results:

Supreme Court ruled NEET-UG 2024 need not be retaken due to lack of proof of large-scale irregularities, protecting the interests of many honest candidates. The Union Ministry of Education supports this decision.

4. Aligarh Becomes Uttar Pradesh’s 18th Division:

Uttar Pradesh, India’s most populous state, introduced Aligarh as its 18th division. Aligarh, formerly Kol, has a rich history and marks the latest administrative expansion in the state.

5. RBI Cancels Banaras Mercantile Co-operative Bank’s License:

The RBI revoked Banaras Mercantile Co-operative Bank’s license due to financial instability. Operations will cease from July 4, 2024. Most depositors will receive their full amounts through DICGC.

6. NHRC Issues Advisory to Protect Beggars:

The NHRC released guidelines to protect and rehabilitate beggars, focusing on the socio-economic challenges faced by impoverished children, women, and differently-abled individuals.

7. Ola Switches to In-House Maps:

Ola replaced Google Maps with Ola Maps, cutting costs by INR 100 crore annually. Users should update their app to access new features like street view, 3D maps, and drone maps.

8. Indian Shipbuilders’ Market Cap Soars:

Mazagon Dock, Cochin Shipyard, and Garden Reach Shipbuilders added Rs 1.5 lakh crore to their market cap in 2024. Mazagon Dock’s shares surged 151%, showing significant growth in the industry.

9. FMGE 2024 Held Smoothly Amid NEET Controversy:

FMGE 2024 proceeded without incident under the health ministry’s close watch, contrasting the controversy over the NEET-UG exam, which faced issues of question paper leaks and logistical delays.

10. Kerala Reports Fourth Case of Amoebic Meningoencephalitis:

Kerala reported its fourth case of amoebic meningoencephalitis, a rare brain infection in children. A 14-year-old boy from Payyoli is recovering. Authorities advise proper chlorination of swimming pools.

11. Heavy Rains in Uttar Kannada Prompt Evacuations and School Closures:

Uttara Kannada’s district administration moved 255 people to safer locations due to heavy rains and declared holidays for schools. Seven rehabilitation centres were set up, and NDRF teams are on standby.

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International News in English for 7 July 2024

Explore global stories through international news in English. Discover updates from different countries:

1. Renewed Fighting in Myanmar Ends Chinese-Brokered Cease-Fire:

Fighting resumed in northeastern Myanmar, ending a Chinese-brokered cease-fire. The Ta’ang National Liberation Army and allies encircled Lashio, challenging the military regime amid ongoing civil war.

2. Shanghai Hosts World AI Conference Amid U.S. Sanctions:

Shanghai’s World AI Conference showcased Chinese tech innovations despite U.S. sanctions. Over 150 AI products were exhibited, including SenseTime’s shift from facial recognition to generative AI.

3. Saudi Arabia Eases Visa Processes for Indian Tourists:

Saudi Arabia introduced new tourist visa options for Indian travelers, including eVisa and visa-on-arrival, aiming to boost tourism as part of Saudi Vision 2030 and welcoming 7.5 million Indians by 2030.

4. Indian Astronauts to Join Axiom-4 Mission to ISS:

Two Indian astronauts selected for the Gaganyaan program will join the Axiom-4 mission to the ISS in October 2024. They will train in the U.S. for ISS-specific preparations before the mission.

5. Canada Invites International Applicants for Permanent Residency:

IRCC extended invitations for permanent residency under the Provincial Nominee Program. Applicants can apply every two weeks via the Express Entry system, aiming for long-term settlement in Canada.

6. WhatsApp Replaces Green Checkmark with Blue for Verified Businesses:

WhatsApp is testing a new blue checkmark for verified businesses, aligning with Meta’s other platforms. This update aims to enhance user trust and reduce impersonation risks.

7. Reformist Masoud Pezeshkian Wins Iran’s Presidential Runoff:

Masoud Pezeshkian won Iran’s presidential runoff against Saeed Jalili, promising to ease sanctions and mandatory headscarf laws. Pezeshkian’s victory sparks celebrations as he pledges moderate reforms.

8. British Indian MP Lisa Nandy Appointed Secretary of State for Culture:

UK PM Keir Starmer appointed Lisa Nandy as Secretary of State for Culture, Media, and Sport after Labour’s landslide victory. Nandy replaces Lucy Fraser, focusing on promoting cultural initiatives.

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Sports News in English for 7 July 2024

Get the latest sports news in English and follow your favourite sports events:

1. Diksha Dagar Shines at Aramco Series London:

Indian golfer Diksha Dagar shot a bogey-free 5-under 68, rising to tied fourth at the Aramco Series London. Tvesa Malik also made the cut, while Pranavi Urs retired due to injury.

2. Bangladesh Chess Grandmaster Ziaur Rahman Passes Away:

Bangladesh’s top chess grandmaster Ziaur Rahman died at 50 after collapsing during a match. The chess community mourns his sudden loss, remembering his significant contributions to the sport.

3. Ronaldo Consoles Pepe After Portugal’s Euro 2024 Exit:

Cristiano Ronaldo comforted teammate Pepe after Portugal’s penalty shootout loss to France in Euro 2024. The defeat likely marks Pepe’s final appearance in the competition.

4. Saina Nehwal Confident in PV Sindhu’s Olympic Comeback:

Saina Nehwal believes PV Sindhu can regain form for the Paris Games despite recent struggles. Nehwal emphasizes Sindhu’s experience and potential to overcome current challenges.

5. Bhambri-Olivetti Pair Exits Wimbledon in Second Round:

Yuki Bhambri and Albano Olivetti lost to Kevin Krawietz and Tim Puetz in Wimbledon’s second round. Bhambri-Olivetti was eliminated after a strong start. Rohan Bopanna remains in the tournament.

6. Indian Olympic Contingent Meets PM Modi Ahead of Paris 2024:

India’s Olympic athletes met PM Modi and Sports Minister Mandaviya before the Paris 2024 Games. Notable athletes discussed their preparations, receiving encouragement and best wishes for their journey.

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Today’s Entertainment News in English 

Now, let’s dive into the entertainment world and see what news has taken place.

1. Mirzapur Season 3 Releases on Prime Video:

The highly anticipated Mirzapur Season 3 premiered on July 5, 2024, continuing the saga of power in Purvanchal, Uttar Pradesh. Fans eagerly awaited the new season after a four-year gap.

2. Mirzapur Season 3 Fails to Impress Audience:

Despite high anticipation, Mirzapur Season 3 received mixed reviews. Fans were disappointed after the four-year wait, finding the new season lacked the impact and engagement of previous instalments.

3. Ji Sung’s ‘Connection’ Leads K-Drama Buzz Before Finale:

Ji Sung’s ‘Connection’ topped the buzzworthy K-drama charts before its finale week. The psychological thriller maintained strong viewer interest, dominating TV and TV-OTT categories in June.

4. Max Shelves ‘The Batman’ Spin-Off ‘Arkham Asylum’:

Max indefinitely shelved ‘Arkham Asylum,’ a horror-themed spin-off of ‘The Batman,’ after four years of development issues. The show aimed to explore Gotham City’s infamous asylum but faced multiple delays.

5. Celebrities Celebrate Fourth of July at Michael Rubin’s White Party:

Michael Rubin’s annual Fourth of July White Party in the Hamptons drew numerous celebrities for a star-studded evening. The event has become a highlight of Independence Day celebrations.

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Thought for the Day for Students

Start your day with an inspirational thought for the day for students. Believe in yourself and prepare to face challenges:

School Assembly News Headlines

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Word of the Day 

Let us learn a new word of the day to improve your vocabulary and language skills:

Word Meaning Sentence
Quixotic (Adjective)Extremely idealistic; unrealistic and impractical.She embarked on a quixotic quest to find the lost city of Atlantis.
Quintessential (Adjective)Representing the most perfect
or typical example of a quality
or class.
The painting is considered the quintessential example of the artist’s early style.
Quagmire (Noun)A difficult, complex, or
hazardous situation
The company found itself in a financial quagmire after the market crash.
Querulous (Adjective)Complaining in a petulant or whining manner.The querulous customer demanded to speak with the manager about the service.
Quiescent (Adjective)In a state or period of inactivity
or dormancy.
The volcano remained quiescent for decades before suddenly erupting.

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What Happened Today in History

Understand the significance of what happened today in history and learn how to make a difference:

1. 1937 – Japan Invades China:

On July 7, 1937, Japan launched an invasion of China, starting the Second Sino-Japanese War. This conflict lasted until 1945 and significantly impacted both nations and the broader region.

2. 1941 – US Occupies Iceland:

On July 7, 1941, the United States occupied Iceland to prevent Nazi Germany from taking control. This strategic move aimed to protect the North Atlantic shipping lanes during World War II.

3. 2005 – London Bombings:

On July 7, 2005, a series of coordinated terrorist bombings targeted London’s transport system. The attacks killed 52 people and injured over 700, profoundly impacting the city’s security measures and public consciousness.

4. 1991 – Brioni Agreement:

On July 7, 1991, the Brioni Agreement was signed to temporarily halt the fighting in the Yugoslav Wars. This agreement marked a significant, though brief, pause in the conflicts that plagued the region in the early 1990s.

5. 1928 – Sliced Bread Introduced:

On July 7, 1928, the first pre-sliced bread was sold in Chillicothe, Missouri. This innovation revolutionized the way people bought and consumed bread, becoming a popular household convenience.

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