Interesting and Creative Worksheets for Young Minds: English Holiday Homework for Class 7 

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English Holiday Homework for Class 7

Young minds need to be nurtured at their initial age. As much as it is important to enjoy the vacation, it is equally important to stay in touch with your studies. One way to ensure that is holiday homework. Hence, in this blog, we are providing Interesting and Creative Worksheets for Young Minds: English Holiday Homework for Class 7. These will ensure that students learn as they enjoy. To know more about these, keep reading this blog! 

English Holiday Homework for Class 7: Worksheet 

Passage 1 


Read the given passage carefully.

– Answer the questions based on the passage.
– Write your answers in complete sentences.
– Use proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

Summer is a season of fun and excitement. It brings warm weather, longer days, and plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities. Many people look forward to summer because it means vacations, trips to the beach, and delicious ice cream treats.

However, summer can also be a time for learning and personal growth. Instead of spending all day indoors playing video games or watching TV, why not try something new? You could learn to swim, ride a bike, or even start a small garden in your backyard. There are so many possibilities waiting for you this summer!

1. What are some characteristics of summer mentioned in the passage? 
2. Why do many people look forward to summer? 
3. How can summer be a time for learning and personal growth? 
4. List three activities mentioned in the passage that you could try this summer. 
5. Why do you think it’s important to try new things during the summer? 

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Passage 2

english holiday homework for class 7

Grammar Section

1. My sister _________ (to play) the piano every evening.
2. The cat _________ (to sleep) on the bed when I left the room.
3. We __________ (to go) to the zoo last Sunday.
4. I __________ (to do) my homework before dinner.
5. The teacher asked the students __________ (to be) quiet during the test. 

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Vocabulary Section

Choose the synonym for the word “angry”:

a) Happy
b) Furious
c) Sad
d) Excited 

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What is the antonym of the word “big”? 

1. Fill in the blank with the correct vocabulary word:
She was __________ (overjoyed/terrified) when she received the good news. 

2. Choose the correct word to complete the sentence:
The __________ (patient / impatient) boy couldn’t wait for Christmas morning. 

3. Complete the sentence with the appropriate preposition:
The book is __________ the table. 

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Fill in each blank with the appropriate vocabulary word from the word bank
Word Bank

1. Magnificent
2. Reluctant
3. Bewildered
4. Frantically
5. Abundant
6. Cautious
7. Mischievous
8. Gradually
9. Enthusiastic
10. Content

1. The hiker gazed at the __________ view from the mountaintop.
2. Sarah was __________ to join the dance class, but her friends convinced her to give it a try.
3. The tourists looked __________ as they tried to navigate the busy streets of the foreign city.
4. When he realised he had lost his wallet, he searched __________ through his pockets.
5. The garden was filled with __________ flowers of every colour.
6. The parents were __________ as they watched their toddler play near the edge of the pool.
7. The __________ kitten knocked over the vase and then ran away.
8. With practice, her piano skills improved __________.
9. The students were __________ about the upcoming field trip to the museum.
10. After a day of exploring the city, he felt tired but __________. 


Q.1. How can I make my holiday fun?

Ans: You can make your holidays fun in a lot of ways, like by doing your favourite sports, going for a walk in the evening, taking a trip out of the station, reading your favourite books, watching your favourite movies, etc.

Q.2. How do I make my holiday homework creative? 

Ans: You can make your holiday homework creative by implementing different ideas, like decorating it, using glitters, mirrors, paint, etc. You can implement different ideas, like pasting pictures related to your project. In these ways, you can make your holiday homework creative. 

Q.3. How can I complete my holiday homework?

Ans: By making a schedule, sticking to it, and providing enough time for other aspects like playing and resting, you can easily complete your holiday homework. 

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