Essay on my Favourite Teacher

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Essay on my favourite teacher

Essay on My Favourite Teacher: Teachers, the word means someone who teaches us. Teachers are really important in our lives. They help us learn and grow, just like how parents take care of us. They show us how to work hard and be good, and they make learning fun.

Without teachers, we may be lost. They are like special guides who help us with problems and teach us many things, even outside of school. Teachers are like superheroes who make children happy and let them become a good person. They are like the strong pillars of our society and help make the world better for everyone. They help us instil discipline and love for everyone. Teachers day is approaching soon and this blog might help you in writing a perfect sample essay for your teachers!

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Essay on My Favourite Teacher in 100 Words

 Everyone in school has one teacher who guides them in school. In my school, my favourite teacher is my class teacher. She is very punctual and very disciplined in her work. She also inspires me to be disciplined in my life. She teaches in a very fun way and makes us learn things in a very easy manner. She also is a guiding path and encourages the whole class to participate in many projects and activities like dance, sports, academic quizzes, etc. She teaches us to love and to be kind to everyone. I never miss her class.

Essay on My Favourite Teacher in 200 Words

Teachers are the guiding light. For me, my favourite teacher is my science teacher. She teaches the subject with practical experiments and helps us understand them in a very interesting way. We all enjoy the class as she questions and answers our doubts. She is never late to class and loves all of us. She always keeps on smiling and we never fear her.

She also cheers us on our achievements and gives us chocolate as a reward. She is very hardworking. In our school, she takes responsibility for all the preparations for Science Day. We all take part in the exhibition and she also helps us with our assignments. She is the best teacher and very kind to all. She guides us in every manner in other subjects also. My favourite teacher is my favourite because science is my favourite subject and she helped me a lot to study and take part in science quizzes and exhibitions. She always motivated me to participate in and win the competitions too. My teacher was a gold medalist in her university too. I always look forward to her further guidance.

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Essay on My Favourite Teacher in 300 Words

A teacher is a friend, philosopher and guide. To me, my favourite teacher is my Social Science teacher. She teaches us very entertaining activities and we all enjoy her class too. I follow all her orders and do my classwork on time. I am also an obedient and disciplined student and she loves me very much. 

I am never late and attend all her classes. She always motivates us to walk on the path of good values. She tells us her stories and tells us to always think in a positive way. She encourages us to be brave in life like our forefathers of our nation. She tells us stories about our independence, our great freedom fighters, our culture and our values. I really like how she teaches us in such an enthusiastic manner and tells us stories of the world around us. 

She teaches us Civics, History and Geography and my favourite subject is History. Her teaching skills, good sense of humour and easygoing attitude inspire me to be a teacher one day. She is very friendly in nature and all the students love her. She also has the responsibility of making the school more clean and green. She organizes events like Environment Day or Yoga Day to be celebrated in school. She also inspires us to take the initiative to come forward and plant trees near us.

She always helps us to get prepared for various competitions and speeches in school like on Republic Day, writing essays on my favourite teacher on  Teacher’s Day, Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanti, GK of the week, etc. I also always greet her on Teachers Day. 


What is a teacher’s short essay?

A teacher is a friend, philosopher, guide and a very important person in a student’s life. A teacher is someone who guides us through their knowledge and inspires us to be successful in our lives.

What are 2 beautiful lines for teachers in English?

Here are two beautiful lines for teachers in English are- a teacher an inspiration; a Guide and a Motivator; a teacher is a light who shows us the path of glory through their knowledge.

What is a teacher in one word?

One word for a teacher could be a “Guide” or ‘Instructor’ or ‘Motivator.’

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