7 Creative Ideas For Holiday Homework for Class 4 Science 

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Holiday Homework for Class 4 Science

Holiday homework is one of the best ways to ensure that students don’t lose touch with their studies while still enjoying their vacation. Holiday homework consists of projects and activities that not only promote learning but are also fun and enjoyable for students. In this blog, we bring you 7 creative ideas for holiday homework for Class 4 Science. These ideas are a lot of fun to create and execute and they will make sure that students learn one concept or another. To learn about those ideas, keep reading this blog. 

Holiday Homework for Class 4 Science: Activities and Projects 

Here are some of the ideas that can be given as Holiday Homework for Class 4 Science. 

1. World of Plants 

Activity 1

Holiday Homework for Class 4 Science

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Take a plastic bottle and cut it in a proportion of ¾. Now, at the bottom of the bottle, make holes using scissors under your parent’s supervision. Then add soil to the bottle along with seeds of your choice. Water them on a daily basis and observe the growth of plants. Make a chart of the growth of the plant with small drawings of the same. 

Activity 2

Holiday Homework for Class 4 Science

Create a poster using watercolors explaining the process of photosynthesis using a well-labeled diagram. Make the poster vivid. 

Activity 3

Holiday Homework for Class 4 Science

Using a cardboard box, create a mobile phone with icons that indicate the requirements of plants like sunlight, water, etc. You can be as creative as you want and come up with your own brand and model of the phone and make sure to create different features for your plant-mobile! 

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2. Material Mania 

Project 1

Create a “Material Museum”! Using a shoebox or any other box, create a museum of items made from different materials like fabric, wood, metal, etc. Label each section separately. 

Project 2

Holiday Homework for Class 4 Science

Using materials found in your home, create a windmill model that works. Then, create a report mentioning the materials used and how a windmill works. 

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3. Science of Superheroes 

Project 3

Holiday Homework for Class 4 Science

From the world of your imagination, using your creativity, create a superhero of science whose costume, gadgets, and powers are based on the concepts of science (Super strength, invisibility, etc). Draw the same of an A-3 sheet and color it with vivid colours, and on the back of the sheet, mention its superpowers and gadgets. 

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4. Chemistry of the Kitchen 

Project 4

Using baking soda and vinegar, create a working model of a Volcano. Record your observations of what happens when you mix baking soda with vinegar and explain the science behind it. 


Q.1. How do I make my holiday homework creative?

Ans: You can make your holiday homework creative by using various decorative materials like mirrors, glitter, poster acrylic colors, etc. You can decorate your holiday homework in numerous ways thus making it creative.

Q.2. How can I finish my holiday homework?

Ans: You can finish your holiday homework on time by making a schedule and sticking to it. Discipline is what you need to complete your holiday homework early.

Q.3. How to make studying fun?

Ans: Studying can be made fun by adopting creative and interesting means to gain knowledge. Also, it is important to give equal importance to playing or recreational time too so that the schedule doesn’t become boring.

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